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    Video Making Online

    A well developed video maker is not only an essential tool for professional use but is also very important for personal use. These video makers allow a business person to share their unique ideas with target audience in the most effective manner. At personal level, you can use this tool to create the electronic albums of different parties and other special occasions with great convenience. There are a number of such tools available for your convenience; you can even find a perfect video maker online for making amazing videos such as the Vidnami video maker.

    Vidnami is an amazing video maker which allows you to make different kinds of videos without even having the video camera. All you need to do is put together a series of pictures that you want to add in your video. You can also take the pictures from internet in order to give a nice look to your video. Vidnami will automatically add the amazing video effects to your video. You can even add music to your video so that you may be able to grab the attention of audience in a better way.

    You can open an account with Vidnami for free which makes it even more convenient for the users to use it. You just have to login to your account in order to produce a video. This video maker allows you to produce a short video for free. If you want to make a video of a longer duration then you have to pay a really nominal amount to the website. The amazing features offered by Vidnami are really worth the charges.

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    Writing Effective Product Descriptions on Wish

    It is true that posting a clear photo is important to grab a buyer’s interest. Giving your item a catchy title is also a must to get a prospect more interested in checking out your listing. Writing product descriptions may seem like a not-so-important task but did you know that what you place in your descriptions can affect the decision of a prospective customer?

    Product Descriptions – Encourage Your Prospect to Buy

    Once a person clicks on the title or photo of an item, he/she is interested to know more details about the listing. It is your main goal to make a prospective buyer interested with the item you are selling and finally sell it. There are very good guides on how to sell on Wish in 2020 all over the internet.

    Based on the details of your description, a buyer will gauge what he/she thinks is a reasonable price for the item.

    How to Write Effective Product Descriptions

    So how can you write product descriptions that encourage people to buy the item? Here are some tips:

    Be detailed. A prospective buyer would want to know everything- even the littlest detail about the item. Be careful when choosing words to describe your product. You’ll want to make your description as accurate as possible.

    Don’t omit obvious details. Even the obvious details like the color, shape and size of an item should be clearly specified in your listing.

    Don’t try to cover up flaws. An honest and detailed description is always best. If the product has a slight flaw or damage, it’s best to disclose it in your listing. Remember, even if the flaw isn’t seen on the photo or even if you don’t mention it in your description, the buyer will discover it as soon as he/she gets the item. You don’t want to create a negative impression to your buyers as the Type of seller who deceives customers. Bear in mind that you customers can always leave a positive or negative feedback about you which can impact your overall rating and reputation. It is very important for you to gain your customer’s trust and respect and one way to do that is to be honest at all times.

    Incorporate keywords in your descriptions. Take advantage of product descriptions in optimizing search engine results. By including keywords in your descriptions, you make it easier for search engines to find your listing.

    Use adjectives. Of course, you’ll want a person to want to buy your item, not just read your listing. It is a fact that adjectives that are creatively and correctly used can urge a person to decide whether he is going to place a bid or not.

    Specify the terms of sale. You should always keep in mind that a buyer would need information about the following: shipping costs, the types of payment accepted, estimated time of delivery, the shipping service you will use, and other essential terms of sale.

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    Glitter Nail Polish

    If you’ve had the chance to use glitter nail polish before, you know how it instantly transforms plain-looking, colored nails into works of art. There is something infinitely exciting with using these nail products, whether you’re using clear glitter nail polish on top of your favorite nail polish shade, or you’ve found that vivid nail polish with glitter to go with an equally fabulous outfit. The possibilities of customizing how your nails will look are virtually endless with glitter nail polish!

    There is a wide array of glitter nail polish products out in the market today, providing consumers with a nail polish shade for every occasion. If you have the time and the inclination, you may want to try your hand in mixing and coming up with your own glitter nail polish – you’ll be surprised at how easy it actually is. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to experiment with different colors and glitter sizes, such as the silver holographic glitter for example, to your heart’s desire.

    Just follow the steps below, and you’re on your way to making your very own glitter nail polish:

    1. Decide on the nail polish base you want to use for your glitter nail polish. You may use your favorite vivid color, or a clear base – whatever suits your fancy is perfectly fine. However, if you want the glitters to really stand out, you can try a clear nail polish base first.
    2. Look for the smallest-sized glitters available in your art supply stores. You can choose any glitter color for your glitter nail polish, but just make sure that it complements the nail polish base you will use – you don’t want the colors to clash.
    3. Use a small funnel to transfer the glitters to the bottle of nail polish; it is best if the bottle is not entirely full, to allow some space for the glitters to settle. If a small funnel is not available, you can a piece of wax paper twirled into a cone shape to make your glitter nail polish.
    4. Pour a small amount of glitter on the funnel, onto the nail polish bottle; after this, give the bottle a little shake to evenly disperse the glitters. You can add more glitters if you want your nail glitter polish to have more texture and brilliance.
    5. You can now apply your customized glitter nail polish, preferably to freshly-cleansed nails. To achieve the most dazzling effect, put at least one layer of clear top coat on top of the glitter nail polish; this will also make sure that the glitters will adhere nicely to your nails.
    6. Secure the glitter nail polish cap tightly, to ensure that the polish will remain easy to apply. If the nail polish does get a little bit sticky and hard to apply, you can mix some nail polish solvent or thinner until you get the desired consistency again.

    There are some people who are hesitant to use glitter nail polish because it can be difficult to remove. Regular nail polish (without the glitters) can easily be removed by any nail polish remover in the market; however, the glitters are a different matter, and oftentimes present a challenge during removal time. Even those who use clear glitter nail polish experience the glitter challenge. Here are some tips on how to remove the stubborn glitters from your nails:

    • Use a nail polish remover with mild acetone content. The acetone will help in effectively loosening and eventually removing the glitters from your nails
    • Soak a cotton ball with the nail polish remover
    • Position the thoroughly soaked cotton ball on top of your nails, and gently press down for a few seconds
    • Gently but firmly glide the cotton ball down your nail; most of the glitter nail polish should come off this way. Repeat the process until you get all the glitters off your nails.

    You may find glitter nail polish intimidating to use, especially if you are used to having your nails done in muted nail polish shades. However, if you want to let your inhibitions loose (at least as far as your nails are concerned), using nail polish glitter is one of the best ways to do so. Who knows, you might end up enjoying the carefree feeling you will have while sporting dazzling, glittery nails!

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    BulletProof Vests Price

    Whenever safety is concerned, we are always looking to quell any danger. But if you are looking down the barrel of a gun, you can’t exactly argue. It helps to have a bullet proof vest ready for times like this. Beforehand, you should already know that the price of bullet proof vest differs according to level and additional features as well as size. Let’s  consider what are the factors affecting the price of a bulletproof vest.


    Level is the most important factor in determining the price of bullet proof vests. Lower levels have lower prices due to lesser protection but added mobility. Here are the default price ranges each level typically has.

    Level I – $35 – $200

    Level II – $100 – $320

    Level IIA – $125 – $410

    Level IIIA – $200 – $650

    Level III and IV vests are rarely found in the market. These are hard body armors that are not supposed to be for sale commercially. The military and police force, as well as government officials and VIPs, are known to use these types of armor. That is why we cannot find the price of bullet proof vest levels III and IV.

    Additional Pockets

    Sometimes the user is not complacent when it comes to the protection offered by the vest he purchased. It is also possible to ask for additional pockets where you can add metal or ceramic plates for added protection. Take note though that this will increase the price of bullet proof vests.

    Side Protection

    The price of bullet proof vests sometimes decreases if it offers no side protection. You should be vigilant about this as your side is at stake here. Manufacturers usually offer this type of vest for those who are more concerned about their front and back leaving their side vulnerable.


    The design also affects the price of bullet proof vests. The default color is always black. If you want a custom colored one for jungle use or camouflage, it will cost extra. Likewise, there are also some that offer printing of names on the vest such as POLICE, SWAT and many more. Apart from this, some sellers also offer badges and dog tags that will match your vest.  Therefore you should always check Vest Carrier Accessories on couple of different sources. These can also affect the price.


    This is probably the second most important factor that determines the price of bullet proof vests. Keeping the vest out of plain sight requires it to be small and not bulky. This will require a more intricate design which is more costly.

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    Abortion Methods

    An Abortion is the procedure to end the process of pregnancy. It is the removal or expulsion of a fetus or embryo within the uterus before it becomes fetal viable.

    There are two main types of abortion: surgical abortion and medical abortion.

    Surgical Abortion Methods

    The surgical abortion method is a procedure performed with anesthesia with or without sedation in abortion Singapore clinics. This procedure is performed prior up to the 20th week of pregnancy.

    Depending upon the term length of pregnancy, different abortion methods and procedures are used. For example, a pregnancy term up to 14 weeks it is performed by a dilatation and suction curettage.

    After 24 weeks surgical abortions are performed by another dilatation and removal method and after 20 weeks of development it can be executed by prostaglandin labor induction, saline fusion or dilatation destruction.

    Medical Abortion Methods

    The Medical abortion method has a slightly greater satisfaction among women. It is the more common choice for women seeking an abortion because it is a non-surgical procedure.

    A medical abortion is accomplished by taking a single medication or a series of medications as recommended by the physician. The amount and dosage of medication can be determined upon a few variables including term length of pregnancy and the woman’s overall health. It has a success range of 70% to 96%.

    Effects of Medical Abortion Methods

    During the procedure bacteria’s can be introduced into the uterus and cause pain and/or infection. If this happens, your doctor will proscribe antibiotics to combat the infection. A mild pain medication may also be prescribed depending upon the symptoms and the individual doctor’s medical decision.

    After the procedure, you will be advised to take precautions to prevent infection and damage to the uterus. Some of these tips may include no sexual intercourse for 2 – 3 weeks, no swimming hot tubs or baths and to drink plenty of water.

    Showers are generally allowed with precautions in place. Speak to your doctor first to make sure that you are taking the correct precautions.

    After an abortion you may feel depressed and tired. This is normal; however this should pass within a few weeks. If, after a few weeks, you are still feeling severe depression seek the advice and counseling of your doctor.

    There will be bleeding for several days that should lighten up. The amount of bleeding can vary from woman to woman. Some women may have only spotting while others may experience very heavy bleeding.

    Cramps are very common to experience after going through an abortion method because the uterus is contracting and trying to return to its normal non-pregnant stage.

    To help alleviate cramps, drink plenty of water and take mild over-the-counter pain medication. If the pain is severe, talk with your doctor for other possible alternatives.

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    PaintBall Attire

    When dressing for paintball, there is more to consider than just how you look. You must also consider safety and comfort.

    A paintball mask is necessary. Some people choose to wear goggles, without a mask. This is not recommended. You should wear a mask that provides protection for your face and head, as well as your eyes. Many good masks also have earflaps to protect your ears.

    The more you cover yourself while playing paintball, the less likely you will be to get hurt. You should wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. You will want the clothing to be loose enough to allow you to squat, roll, bend, etc. However, you need to make sure the clothing is not so loose that it is falling off, causing you to trip, or otherwise getting in your way. Baggy clothing helps to cushion your body. You may also consider layering your clothing, by wearing leggings or long underwear underneath as explained on getpaintballgun.com.

    Try to choose colors that blend in well with the environment you will be playing in. For instance, you may want to wear the green colored camouflage for playing in the woods, or the tan colored camouflage if playing in a sand colored environment. If you do not have camouflage, or do not wish to wear it, try to choose black or brown clothing for playing in the woods.

    Wear old shoes, of good quality. They will get very dirty. High-tops are a good idea for paintball, as they will offer protection for your ankles. You will want non-skid shoes with good traction. You may need to use paint or shoe polish to darken your shoes.

    You should invest in padding for your body. This includes vests, elbow pads, kneepads, shin guards, athletic cups, and neck guards. Cushioned bras are a good idea for women. This extra gear will reduce the amount of pain inflicted when you are hit by a paintball. It will also reduce the amount of bruising you receive.

    Paintball is an extreme sport. Keep that in mind when choosing what you will wear on the playing field. Dress for safety first, then for comfort. Style may be important to you, but it is the last thing to consider when dressing for paintball.

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    Food in Hawaii

    In tropical Hawaii, you can savor a wide variety of colorful and healthy food. Besides traditional Hawaiian cuisine, there are also a blend of food from other countries such as Japan, China, Portugal, Korea, the Philippines, Europe and the United States. This makes Hawaiian food unique in taste and culture.

    For traditional Hawaiian food, look no further than sweet potatoes, taro, bananas, seaweed, fish, seafood, as well as macadamia nuts. These nutritious delights are the staple foods for Hawaiians. While most of these foods are eaten raw, some of them are still eaten the traditional way from an underground oven called an ‘imu’.

    Hawaiians celebrate special occasions with lu’au, or feasts, which encompass the kalua pig, laulau (meat or fish wrapped in leaves and baked), lomi lomi salmon, chicken long rice (chicken noodles), haupia (coconut custard pudding), and poi (taro paste).

    Hawaiian food today comprises of food from diverse ethnic groups. The blend of cultures have resulted in local dishes such as white sticky rice, macaroni salad, tofu, sashimi, sushi, Portuguese sausage, bean soup, sweet bread, and even hamburgers.

    Getting something to quench your thirst in hot Hawaii is easy. Besides the ubiquitous Polynesian cocktails such as Mai Tai, Blue Hawaii, Chi-Chi and Banana Daiquiri, you may choose to have refreshing fruit juices instead. The freshly-squeezed pineapple, papaya, lychee, mango or coconut juice is sure to beat the heat. However, if you are opting for a perk-me-up, try the renowned Kona coffee, which is rich and aromatic.

    While in Waikiki, do not miss the Waikiki Wailana Coffee House, which is a great place to get your meal fix around the clock. It is opened 24 hours and is ideal for budget travelers as meals rarely exceed $6. Pancakes and cocktails are must-tries.

    Traditional Hawaiian food can be found at the Greater Honolulu in Ono Hawaiian Foods restaurant in Honolulu. The restaurant is clean, basic and inexpensive. There are many more Honolulu restaurants to try and you can find them on Honolulu online restaurant directories.

    In Oahu, visit Ted’s Bakery for delicious cream pies and coffee. Treat yourself to value-for-money omelettes, pancakes and fried rice at Lana’i City Canoes. If you’re looking for tropical fruits to munch on, visit Hana Waianu Fruit Stand in Maui. On Hawaii Island, be sure to dine at Big Island Grill which serves hamburgers, rice with gravy, chicken katsu and beef teriyaki. Organic foods such as tofu, hummus, tempeh, as well as other smoothies and coffee can be purchased at Kapa’a Papaya’s Natural Foods in Kauai.

    Hawaii is indeed a place where you can find food that suit your palate and satisfy your cravings regardless of where you are from.

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    Buying gold online

    Nowadays, it’s hard to trust the value of your paper money. With the continuing inflation, it is imperative that you ensure your future in other forms of investments, one that does not depend on the rise and fall of the economy. Financial experts advise that the best way to invest in your future is to invest in gold.

    The first step to a successful gold investment is to outline your goals. Aside from using it as a hedge against economic crises, there should be a definite plan on what you want out of the investment. Then when you’ve outlined goals, choosing the gold investment type is next. There are several ways to invest in gold, and choosing what type you want should be aligned with your goals for investing. Next, choose the dealer you can transact with.

    There are many entities where you can buy gold. But the first thing you should do is to make sure you know the gold rate from where you are planning to buy gold. For example if you are looking to buy gold in Kuwait you should know the latest gold rate Kuwait. Aside from the usual dealers, auctions, and mints around your area, there are a lot of online dealers too. Since making transactions online is always a risky business, below is a list of tips that you should consider:

    • Transact with a bona fide online dealer – it wouldn’t hurt if you thoroughly check the reputation of the online dealer. In the dealer’s website, make sure that he isn’t offering too-good-to-be-true offers that tend to lure unsuspecting investors. Additionally, check that he has put in various contact information details on his page. Take the time to check out some ratings of the online dealer. Another great way to check his reputation is to check out the Better Business Bureau.
    • Transact with an online dealer who has specific selling process terms – since online gold acquisition always involve shipping the gold you have acquired, it is strictly necessary that you find out the shipment details. As well, it is also imperative that you know certain details about various types of gold.
    • Steer clear of online dealers offering gold below the current market value pricing – this online dealer has a very big possibility of being a scammer. He may just be advertising this to draw prospective investors.

    If you transact online, do so with caution. Protect your hard-earned money by engaging in legitimate ways to invest in gold.

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    Investing In Physical Gold

    One common way of investing in gold is via the purchase of gold based equities like gold mining companies and gold funds. While this is possibly the hassle free way of doing it, some people believe that these funds are not “backed” by real gold. For example, with gold mining companies, you’re often paying for the belief that the company will find and mine gold successfully in the future. You need to do a lot of analysis to figure out if your money is actually backed by any actual gold.

    Investing in gold – buy actual gold

    So, the other option is to buy actual gold or do a 401k to gold IRA rollover. This can be done in a variety of ways – but you must be careful to know the value of the gold you are buying, and that it is what the seller claims!

    Here are a couple of other ways of buying physical gold that many people may not have thought about:

    Buying gold bars – you can walk into a reputable shop and come away with gold bars. Some companies will also store your gold securely, for a fee. The problem with buying physical gold is:

    • the risk of storing it (if you are keeping it at home, you risk your gold being stolen); and
    • the gold cannot earn any “interest”. The only appreciation is from the value of the gold commodity itself rising in price. When you hold securities , for example stocks, some companies may pay out a dividend which can be a useful source of income.

    Buying gold jewelry – investing in gold can also be achieved by purchasing gold jewelry. However, the jewelry needs to be pure, and must be in very good condition to retain its value.

    Buying gold bullion coins – the other obvious way of investing in gold is by purchasing gold bullion coins. Do remember, however, gold bullion and rare gold coins are NOT the same. Some unscrupulous dealers may try to trick you into believing that rare gold coins are a good investment due to the appreciation in gold – in fact, rare gold coins are often NOT good gold investments, you should only buy minted bullion for this purpose. Rare gold coins may be an acceptable investment in its own right, but not for the purpose of gold investment is the point to keep in mind.

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    SEO Website Layout

    Website layout is crucial to search engine optimization as well. Have a third party take a look at your company website and evaluate the layout, content, and general usability of it and then make note of any improvements that could be made. You may think that your keywords and keyword phrases sound natural or that your page links connect to their appropriate pages, but you could be mistaken!

    Search Engine Optimization

    Verify that your website incorporates a user-friendly layout and organized information that’s easy to follow, and you could also improve your page’s relevancy through SEO. As a rule of thumb, put the page’s most relevant information toward the top and then work your way down from there. Think of the upside-down triangle analogy that’s common in journalism – a story’s most important details should be toward the beginning of the article in order to draw in the reader, and then less crucial details should gradually taper downward toward the end of the article. Spiders and crawlers won’t make it far on your page if you put all of the most relevant and keyword-rich content in the last paragraph!

    Essentially, SEO is the art of using keywords and keyword phrases to your advantage however possible on your site; you will increase your chances of getting found online if you optimize your content and copy, choose quality links and back links, and organize your page layout based on relevancy. SEO produces outstanding results when it’s done correctly. If you don’t feel comfortable implementing these search engine optimization strategies yourself, then remember there’s no shame in hiring a qualified company that provides professional خدمات السيو to assist you.

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    What is Hot Yoga?

    Hot Yoga is a type of Yoga that is done in a heated room with a temperature of about 95-100 degrees. Doing various yoga poses in this temperature will undoubtedly make a person sweat and make the body feel very warm.

    What are its benefits?

    – Fat is burned more effectively in heated rooms.

    – Because of the heat, body is more flexible. This allows for greater range of motion in joints, muscles, and ligaments.

    – Body oxygenation is more effective, helping to remove waste products more easily.

    – Because of perfusion in extremities, circulation in the body also improves.

    – Glucose and fatty acids break down more easily, increasing body’s metabolism rate.

    – Your body gets a thorough workout, especially your cardiovascular and nervous systems.

    – Better detoxification and elimination. Sweating allows this through the body’s largest eliminating organ – the skin.

    – T-cell function improves, therefore better improving your immune system.

    – This type of yoga exercise may also reduce chances of acquiring chronic illnesses like: thyroid disorders, arthritis, and circulatory problems.

    – Because of the challenging environment, this type of yoga will strengthen your willpower, self control, concentration, and determination.

    What should you keep in mind?

    – Hot yoga is not advisable for pregnant women because it may raise one’s core body temperature which may not be good for the baby.

    – Avoid dehydration by drinking lots of water before and after each class.

    – It is not advisable to eat prior to a class.

    – Because of excessive sweating during hot yoga classes, it is advisable to have your own yoga mats and to wear breathable clothes.

    You can find a lot more information about Yoga and health on Nirogi Tan blog. If you plan to learn this amazing yoga technique, make sure that the hot yoga studio you pick is certified to teach hot yoga.