Are there different strategies for filing patents?

The advantage of doing a patent search is that you may find that your invention or something very close to it has been filed already, saving you thousands in patent and attorney fees. The disadvantage is that it is generally incomplete, as there is no visibility into unpublished patent applications, which in the US pertains to most patent applications less than 18 months old.

It is generally recommended that one do a search if one is not familiar with the general subject matter. For instance, if the inventor has been involved with research and development in his field for many years, it is likely that he knows whether or not his approach is a novel one. But if one came up with an idea in a flash and has little or no visibility into the broader subject matter, it is a good idea to do a search as discussed on

Filing provisional patents will set you up early in the patent process, but will also delay the USPTO from even queueing up your application for examination until a utility patent is filed. At the end of the 12 months you must make a decision as to whether you want US or you want to seek multi-national rights to attach to your application.

Filing a utility patent immediately gets you into the queue for examination, is a bit more expensive and requires more work on the part of the attorney or and patenting agency, such as InventHelp. However, it then gives you the same 12 months you would have had to decide whether you want just US or multi-national rights.

Filing a PCT application gives you about 30 months from the earliest filing date of the application to decide what countries you want to file in (30 months if a PCT is filed first, 18 months if it is filed after filing a utility or provisional patent). If you only wish to file in a few countries and you know that, you might be better off filing in those countries directly. For instance, the cost of patent office fees for filing the PCT application alone is about $3000-$5000.


Free Movie Streaming Sites

There are many movie streaming sites that you can get on your Android and iOS devices for free. You no longer live in the age of DVD’s which people of earlier days used to watch movies. Now a days, majority of people are using Smartphone, Tablets, Mac, Computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. So, in this modern age, everything became very handy and easier compared to earlier days. Likewise, watching free movies online without sign up became much easier with the discovery of many movie streaming apps.

Most of the things can be done through online now via Smartphone or other electronic gadgets. In this post, I am going to share various links about New Free Movie Streaming Sites 2020. I hope that you will like reading this review, for keeping yourself updated with some of this latest movie streaming websites.

Free Movie Streaming Sites Online

Most of the movie streaming sites hold the common features, which is to let you watch free movies online. However, some apps don’t function properly and fail to provide you all the features that you desire. Here are some of the recommended movie streaming sites 2020 and free movie download sites 2020 which you can download and use on your devices.


Patent Renewal

A patent gives the inventor the exclusive right to the invention which may be a process or product that offers a technical solution to a problem or a process that describes a new way of doing something. That is a patent gives the inventor the exclusive right to enjoy the full commercial benefit of the invention.

Upon the granting of a complete patent the inventor is required to pay an annual patent renewal fee, failing to do so will result in the lapse of the patent.

Why use patent attorneys?

In accordance with the US Patents Act individuals may file provisional patent applications on their own behalf, however due to the complexity of the application process it is advisable that the patentee should make use of patent attorneys and patenting agencies, like InventHelp.

For example if a provisional patent application is filed and the nature of the invention becomes public; the scope, breath, and strength of patent protection will be determined by the content and wording of the specifications and the detail provided in the description and definition of the invention.

Although the Patent Office takes precautions to prevent any leaks it does not take responsibility for the intentional or unintentional leak of sensitive information outside of its offices.

Patent attorney are well versed in the international excepted format and requirements for patent applications and are therefore well suited to drafting provisional specifications this in its entirety promotes better protection locally and internationally.

A patent will stay in force for 20 years provided that the patentee pays the annual as described on


Put the Gold in your Golden Years

If you are considering gold IRA investing, then you are on the right path.

Investing in precious metals tends to be a safe investment that can yield great rewards, especially in hard times like these where currency values can’t be relied on.

It may seem difficult at first to add gold to your IRA, but it really isn’t very difficult.

If you follow these steps, you can easily invest some of your money into gold and enjoy the security of knowing that no matter what, you will have the money you need to retire.

One major factor to consider with gold IRA investing is that precious metals don’t go anywhere.

Short of being ejected into space, these metals are always present in one form or another.

Compare this to fiat money, or money backed by a governmental promise rather than physical resources, and you can see why gold is a smart investment in times where the government’s finances seem hopeless.

This means you will always have your gold to sell, regardless of what happens.

Another consideration with gold IRA investing is that you should research how much work it would take to change your current IRA into one backed by gold.

For most people this is fairly easy and all you have to do is make a couple phone calls and you can begin enjoying your golden future.

However, with some IRAs it can be more difficult, so it would be best to consult with a professional investing company, such as Regal Assets, before making an investment.

You will have to look into your specific IRA and decide if it’s too much hassle or not to change.

You should also think about how much gold you want to invest in.

While gold is a safe investment that can do a lot for you, any and all investment strategies should involve diversified holdings to minimize risk during market shifts.

There are a lot of reasons that make gold a great investment choice.

If you want to add some real security to your future, then gold IRA investing is one of the smartest decisions that you can make.


Public Patent Search Facility

Before one can understand what a public patent search facility does, one would have to know what a patent is. A patent is a term referring to any legal document that prevents other individual’s from copying an invention or a creation that has already been made by one person. This legal document is often issued by the federal government.

The patent prohibits members of the public from making the same creation, using it or selling it to other parties without express permission from the holder of the patent document. Patents are like property. The document can be transferred to another party by either selling it or licensing it to another individual.

There are three main types of patents. These include the utility patents, design patents and plant patents. Utility patents are issued to people who invent something. Design patents are issued to people who have come up with a unique structural design of an item. Plant patents are granted to people who have discovered a new type of flora as written in details on

A public patent search facility is in the business of promoting the progression of science as well as the arts by ensuring the inventors of these creations have an exclusive right to all their inventions.

Therefore, a public patent search facility is put in place so that it may grant patents that will protect the inventions of an individual so that nobody else can steal the idea. Public patent search facilities have other duties too. These duties include the registering of trademarks.

They are also expected to advise the commerce department of the state in issues pertaining to patents as well as trademarks. A public patent search facility will also examine the numerous patent applications sent in to them. After this initial examination, it will then decide on which applicants are deserving of the patent.

Public patent search facilities contain a lot of information about patents and trademarks. This is because they store all the data available pertaining to patents both in the United States of America as well as international patents. A public patent search facility will have a room that is open for public use where all this information is stored and the public can search for it at their own convenience as described in post.

In addition to this, a public patent search facility will also supply copies of the various patents to the public. This applies to the information on trademarks that it also has.

Real Estate

How Does Rent to Own Homes Work?

A Rent to Own, Rent to Buy, Lease to Own, Lease to Buy is more technically termed Lease Option. In a Lease Option or Rent to Own you are leasing the property for a period of time. This lease is typically the same lease as a standard rental with one addition. You have an option to purchase the property. Thus the term Lease Option.

Over the last few years many owners, investors, and real estate agents have started offering rent to buy opportunities, and over the last year there has literally been an explosion. This fact alone has gives rise to the many ways to structure a rent to own homes.

The majority of Lease Options contain two agreements, One Lease or Rental Agreement and one Option to Purchase Agreement.

Even though there are many ways to structure a rent to own homes most contain the following types of items:

Rental Payment

This is payment just like you would pay if you were just renting the property. All the standard items apply, late fees, and failure to pay will lead to eviction.

Option Price

This is the purchase price of the property.

Option Payment (down payment)

This is an upfront fee that is paid to the person who owns or controls the property. This payment is usually credited towards the purchase price of the property and almost always is non-refundable in the event you don’t exercise your option (buy) on the property.

Rent Credits

Rent credits are typically applied to the purchase price but only if you exercise your option to purchase the property. It should be noted that Rent Credits are not actual money that is sitting in a bank account. This is funds that essentially reduce the purchase price or can be used for closing costs when you bring in your own financing.


Best Solution for Protect Your Valuable Ideas

Intellectual Property Attorneys are here to help if you’ve developed an invention or made a discovery which you believe holds great value to you in the marketplace. As you know, an idea or invention can be claimed by another party who would seek to make a profit out of something which is rightfully yours.

This is why you need Intellectual Property Attorneys to be proactive in protecting your valuable ideas so that you don’t fall prey to intellectual-property pirates. The entire purpose of Intellectual Property Law is to protect the intellectual assets of the rightful owners.

Hundreds of inventors and innovators have fallen prey to the heartbreaking experience of watching their ideas used by other people. Fortunately for you, this is something which can be easily prevented by proactively seeking the assistance of the best Intellectual Property Attorneys or patenting agency, like InventHelp.

Of course, there are dozens of “do-it-yourself” guides which you can use in place of hiring Intellectual Property Attorneys. You might be able to save yourself some money in the beginning but, the people who use these “do-it-yourself” resources usually aren’t aware of just how complex patent laws can actually be.

All it takes is overlooking a few minor details, and your ideas can still be stolen by people who would use your ideas to profit at your expense. Why take this kind of a chance when you can hire the best Intellectual Property Attorneys to create airtight protection for your innovations?

Obviously this means that hiring expert Intellectual Property Attorneys or patenting agencies is the only course of action for those who are serious about both protecting and profiting from their ideas. You can find much more information on patents and patenting on


Maintain Your Lawn With Care

Are you a homeowner in Bullard TX? Are you jealous of your neighbor’s lush, green, rolling lawn because your lawn looks anorexic and in desperate need of emergency care?

If brown spots on your lawn look like a dragon spat all over it or even if it just looks a little lethargic and weedy, then you should consult with professional lawn care service near Bullard TX to help you have a great looking lawn.

If you want to try to do something yourself here are some very simple and quick yet effective lawn care tips and other guides so that you too, can have that deep green healthy and lush lawn.

The very first tip I’d like to discuss is also one of the most important lawn care maintance tips there is – WATER! Other than air to breathe, most life on this plant depends on water more than anything else there is. Water is essential for life. Without it, sooner or later we and everything else will perish. The trick to Water is to get just the right amount of water at just the right time. This is especially important when discussing that all important lawn growing in the front of your yard for all to see. If you want your lawn to grow into the thick, soft, deep green carpet that I think you do, then you must know how to water your lawn properly.

Many people have their own secret little formulas for watering their lawns. A lot of people spend a little time everyday watering their lawns. Proudly, they water their green carpet of grass for a few minutes and continue to do so everyday. They may use different methods like watering their lawns by hand with the garden hose or by using a sprinkler and run it for about ten or fifteen minutes. They even revel in their knowledge on lawn care and tell others how to do it. Well, Bravo, I say. Congratulations. I wish you well and goo luck with your lawn. However, there’s more to it than that.

Both of these watering methods only saturates the surface of the soil. In order for the roots to absorb the moisture it needs, it must follow the water. If the water isn’t penetrating deep into the soil enabling its roots to dig downward, they will stay near the surface. To help your grass develop vigorous, healthy roots, you should water your lawn deeply several times a week instead. The goal here is to soak the soil below where the root level of your lawn is. Once this is achieved, the root system can grow downwards as it should. If you aren’t sure if you are watering your lawn deeply enough, place a rain gauge in the area being watered and check to see if it catches at least an inch of water by the end of the watering session.


The E commerce Business Mode

E-Commerce is one of the driving forces of Internet Marketing, and for some, they focus on a single product at a time. For others, they have whole storefronts through which they sell multiple products.

Millions of products in an equal number of niches is what’s waiting for you, and that’s cause for excitement. You have to start somewhere, it’s where we all started, and learn the following ecommerce tips and remember them.

Making the most positive impact on visitors is critical to success. You probably already know that it’s important to present your business so people feel good about doing business with you. People tend to respond better to pictures of other people, and that is something you can use to your advantage. One thing about web users is they’re heavily conditioned for seeing images, and that’s why videos are so powerful. People want proof that what you are selling works because showing the product or service in context helps quite a lot with that.

Physical ecommerce has many other concerns to deal with unless you’re using a drop shipper. You know what it’s like with holiday shopping and people can get impatient, and they’re wondering if their order will arrive in time or whatever. Make sure your distributors and suppliers have enough stock and just get an idea if they’re prepared. This is also when you need to respond to order problems very fast so people do not become angry, etc. The worst thing for customers is being kept in the dark like a mushroom, so avoid letting that happen.

There’s a lot that can be done to optimize your shopping cart such as making the buttons a color that stands out. The reason for this is obvious, you want them to stand out to encourage people to click on them. Choose good colors that are not the same as what you have on the rest of your site. What you want to avoid is making your shopping cart links hard to notice. Think about all the ways you can push people along toward making a buying decision.

There’s really not a tremendous amount to learn with ecommerce, but it can look that way if you’re new. It is hard to know where you should start and what you should focus on. There are sites where you can find tutorials and guides, and you should always be up to date with ecommerce News. These sites can point you in the right direction but that is about it. You’ll need to make sacrifices such as watching favorite TV shows, etc, but it’s well worth it.


Accounting Services For Business

What would business be like without accounting services? Would business owners be doing all the work? Or would accounting services be scrapped all together? How would stakeholders in the business understand the business and progress it into the future and how would the business owner know how much they were making and how would employees know they were being paid correctly? Life without accounting services would be a business person’s nightmare so this post will show you some aspects to why you need professional accounting services for your business to function successfully.

In short accounting services communicate business data, such as financial information like cash flow, to those within the business and to the shareholders who don’t work exactly in the business. The information presented in the accounting services is selected to suit what stakeholder needs to know what. For example a manager would need to know how certain sectors of the business are functioning to make judgments of the day-to-day management on the changes that need to happen in those sectors. Whereas a stakeholder, like an owner, would need to know how much money is coming in compared with how much is being spent. There is also a lot more information that accounting services can put together and present.

Good accounting services also include other aspects, which I’ll describe below. These are key things to look out for when choosing who should be your businesses accounting Kent services provider.

To begin with any potential accounting services expect should look at your business as a whole. What is its history like and where is it now, compared to where the business owner wants it to be. By doing this the accounting services expert can provide the business owner/manager with suggestions for management strategies. The services the accounting services expert offers you should also be tailored to your business needs too, not a cutout that your business has to follow. This means your business will get results that will fit its functions and future goals.

When it comes to financial reporting your accounting services expert should work with you, in the process, so you are aware of what is happening in the business. From preparing budgets, profit planning and tax the accounting services expert can help you understand these aspects better and therefore your businesses chances at survival are improved. The basic number crunching of the accounting services expected is also important. An accounting services expect will inform you on claimable business costs and rebates available to you and prepare financial statements that comply with IRD legislation and provide advice on all aspects of taxation.

Overall an accounting services expect will lead you in the right direction of accounting for your business while creating professional reports that are easily understood by stakeholders in your business making the process of growing your business easier and with less stress.