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Hiring a Patent Lawyer

Why would you find yourself in need of a patent lawyer? You as the inventor of your invention know a lot about the technical and scientific aspects of your invention. Yet it might be difficult for you to get to grips with all the requirements and preparation that goes into a patent application.

You will also need to conduct all of the proceedings with any of the many patent offices. You will thus need to have a thorough knowledge of the patent rules and laws and the procedures and practices of the relevant patent office. This is the knowledge that a patent lawyer has. There are also patenting agencies such as InventHelp and you can learn more about InventHelp on Instagram.

You will have the right and the ability to prepare your own patent application, as well as to conduct your own proceedings, but your success rate might not be as good as when you hire a lawyer to do this for you.

Without the knowledge, experience and skill of a patent attorney or patent professionals like InventHelp behind you, you may very well find yourself in a difficulty as to proceed with your patent application successfully. You might even be granted your patent for the invention only to realize at a later stage that this patent does not protect your invention well enough.

You will need to think hard before choosing the correct patent lawyer for your registration process. You will find that the patent you receive will only be as good as the lawyer that you hire to draft it.

In the US, you will find that the USPTO will make all the regulations and rules that govern any patent lawyer of agent. If the patent lawyer isn’t recognized by the USPTO then they aren’t allowed to represent anyone in front of the USPTO. You will find that any lawyer or agency registered with the USPTO will need to show good character, have a great reputation and technical as well as scientific qualifications.

Thus, you can feel confident in knowing that if you were to hire a USPTO patenting agency, such as Invent Help, then your patent application will be in great hands and that you will have a successful application as described in this article.

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Motivational Speakers

What would your life be like if failure was not an option? Would you like to perform at your peak more often? What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Life would definitely be a little more enjoyable, would it not? Motivational speakers try and create this vision for their audiences. Motivational speakers help people show off their best selves.

Motivational speakers who produce inspiring declarations create an environment where the message sticks, motivation soars, and goals are reached. Motivational speakers are perfect for any group of people looking to put their best selves forward and live life the way it is meant to be lived.

Motivational speakers are influential people who combine personal experience with life management principles to create a message used to inspire, motivate and enlighten an audience. Motivational speakers give speeches to groups both large and small in an effort to intensify a particular organizational culture or ideal, such as Eric Bailey – Cali award winning motivational speaker –

Motivational speakers are in high demand in the business and corporate world. There is such a demand mainly because employee motivation, determination and commitment are such important attitudes for any company to have in order for it to succeed in today’s competitive business market.

Businesses and corporations hire motivational speakers in an effort to increase the morale of their employees and instill in them an emotional drive to become fully involved in their work. They can be featured during company parties, workshops and training seminars. They usually give 1-3 hour presentations and their messages can be tailored to your audience’s needs.

Perhaps the most common theme among all motivational speakers is there passion for setting and keeping goals. There are four steps involved in keeping goals that motivational speakers will most likely focus on. First, one must choose to chance something, anything that excites them simply by thinking about the possibility of the change.

Next, most motivational speakers will tell you to envision yourself succeeding at your goal. By doing this, you become passionate about your desire, your belief becomes unshakeable and you become unstoppable. Your subconscious does not know the difference between imagining it and it really happening, so creating that vision will make you all the more confident in your abilities. Next we are counseled by motivational speakers to choose a quality that will help us reach our goals. Any quality you admire in someone else is a quality you already have. You just need to practice it!

Lastly, we are advised by motivational speakers to create a new habit that will help us achieve or goals. Good habits usually don’t just happen. You need to develop a specific plan for creating a new habit. It’s simply a matter of choosing an action that helps develop your quality, deciding when to practice that habit, knowing that you are going to have to repeat it many times and then give yourself a consistent reminder.

Other common themes among motivational speakers include determination, getting things done and creating positive change in an organization and in the lives of listeners. Motivational speakers are worth their weight in gold because they can get lives and organizations back on the road to success.


Are Phone Systems The Best Way Forward In Today’s Business World?

Business telephone systems are a range of multi-line telephone systems normally utilized in business surroundings covering small-key systems to large-scale private branches. Business telephone systems are not your average telephone system. These systems utilize multiple lines that are accessible from various telephones, or “stations” within the system, which frequently supply added features associated with handling calls. Business telephone systems, such as the ATS Telecoms –, are fundamentally categorized into private branch exchanges, hybrid systems, and key systems.

A key system is initially recognized from a PBX, private branch exchange, in that it permits the user to view and manage calls directly and manually by utilizing lighted line buttons. Private branch exchanges function in a way close to the public telephone system where calls are diverted to the proper target by dialing directly. A hybrid system merges conventional telephone systems with modernized VoIP, voice over Internet protocol, technology. A major advantage of hybrid telephone systems is in their ability to detour international and long distance calls over the Internet rather than via traditional telephone networks.

Things You Should Know Before Selecting Your Business Telephone System

Know the Basics

It is not necessary for you to be a phone wiz or a technical phone expert; however, it is vital that you understand the basics. You should be able to comprehend the essential features of a business telephone system and what it is used for. You should also decipher the kinds of business phone systems out on the market to focus further on what it is you “really” need. In addition, it is to your benefit to accustom yourself to the frequent terms utilized when conversing about phone systems.


Each business phone system has its advantages. By making yourself acquainted with each system, you will make a more thorough and long-term decision for your business. Something else to ponder is whether the advantages outweigh the cost of the system. You should expect recompense on your investment when utilizing your business telephone system needs.


How will your business telephone system be used? Will it be more suitable for sales calls or agents in a call center? Will your new business telephone system be used explicitly for customer service, teleconferencing, or simple communications? Additionally, something else to take into account is the outgoing and incoming calls each day. Are you making domestic and international calls daily? These kinds of circumstances must be brought to the forefront so that the appropriate system is selected for your business.

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Lighten up your business with neon signs

When considering getting neon signs for your business, you most likely think, “No, I do not want my company to look like a casino”. And rightfully so, to an extent. Las Vegas is the city with the biggest amount of neon signs, and we all know that casinos are all but native to Vegas. However, neon signs do emit a certain atmosphere, which is potentially desirable for some businesses.

Neon signs light up your business so people remember it better, that’s why businesses unrelated to the nightlife and arts invest in neon signs at all. Every major city in USA has some neon signs. Of course, you will gain the maximum from your neon signs if your business works during late hours, but even if you only work in working hours, they do stand out throughout the day and give away a classy feel suitable for all sorts of businesses.

Animated neon signs look marvelous, and work for nearly every business. Although you wouldn’t use neon signs (especially animated) if you owned an undertaking business, less “serious” companies would only benefit from attracting visitors with classy, animated neon signs. For example, a hair salon or a liquor store would give a taste of “what’s inside” to everyone who sees the neon signs. However, have a number of diverse businesses which employ neon signs. Surely, there has to be something more to neon signs than the classy look.

Well… Neon Light Signs are a great long-term investment. The average expected lifetime for a neon sign is 7-10 years – and they usually stop working because of wiring failures. The vibrant colors and the long lifetime are the main reasons why companies prefer this sort of signage; if not for the long lifetime, neon signs would not be profitable due to handwork involved in their making.

Always be sure to contact only reputed signage companies for your neon signs. What seems like a minor departure from the original design can turn your investment into shreds. There is a number of companies which offer neon signs, so be sure to do your homework on at least the one you think you’ll pick.


How to Write an Advertisement for Your Business

The test of a good ad lies in its simplicity and ability to attract attention. Some of the most memorable punch lines and jingles are simple and easy to remember. Although the copy can be in colloquial English, depending on the product, proofreading is still important and ad copy should be treated like any other business writing.

You need to think from your potential customer’s perspective to ensure a positive response. For instance, if your product is targeted towards the youth it should use phrases or words they can identify with.

Before designing any ad one must carry out market research even if it is on a small scale. This will give you a market perspective and, in many cases, ideas may help you design your ad campaign.

You have to tell your audience why your product is better than other products, and hence your copy should highlight what you do differently.

An interesting catch line can do wonders but make sure that you have used a grammar checker on it because this will be the brand association you take to the market.

Give your ad copy a different spin by highlighting something that is not obvious. For instance, if your product is user friendly and easy to use you can highlight the fact that one can save a lot of time by using it.

Even in an industry specific set-up don’t use jargon or complicated language. Finally step back and view your copy from an outsider’s perspective. Being too close and familiar to the product can hamper your creativity.

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How To Conduct An Invention Search

Since all inventions are part of what is broadly termed as ‘intellectual property’, it is important to know the various types of intellectual property which exists, before undertaking any invention search. There are three different types of intellectual property: Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights. They are not only different concepts but serve different purposes of inventions also. For protecting any brand new invention or an improvement to existing invention, one needs a patent.

Trademarks are used to identify or distinguish any word, name, symbol, device, or a combination of these which is meant to be used commercially. Trademarks help users to identify a manufacturer or marketer. It helps us to differentiate one company from another. Any literary, artistic or musical work is a type of intellectual property which is protected by copyright. Thus before doing an invention search, you must know which type of intellectual property your invention belongs to. There are patenting agencies that offer help for new inventors in patenting process.

To know whether your invention is already patented or not you could perform a preliminary invention search using many formats like online, microfilm or print available at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Public Search Facility located in Alexandria, VA. Here you can use fully automated invention search tools through which you can access patents issued from 1790 to the current week. You could even search the full document texts on U.S. patents issued since 1971 and OCR text from 1920 to 1970.

Patent images issued from 1790 to the present may be retrieved for viewing or printing. Foreign patent documents are also available. Microfilm or optical disc format may be used if you wish to search a complete patent file arranged in numeric sequence. Gazettes, Annual Index of Inventors, Manual of Classification according to subject matter and other invention search tools are readily available for a public user.

An invention search or the patent process is usually a complicated and laborious process. One of the best options for a thorough invention search would be to hire the services of good patent agencies, such as Invent Help – learn more about InventHelp, and attorneys who can lend professional help and advice in the matter. The USPTO maintains a national register of patent attorneys and agents who offer legal, scientific and technical assistance to the inventor.

One of the first points to remember when undertaking an invention search is that inventions are classified according to their method of action and not the purpose of invention, or their intended use.

To find the class and subclass numbers, you have to use the Index to US Patent Classifications. This is because all patents are arranged according to hierarchical groups called class or subclass. So using this grouping you can have an overview of all patents issued to inventions which function in a manner similar to yours.

In case you have made some incorrect classifications, there are useful referrals which can help you choose the right classification and rectify your error.

There are scientific abstracts and bibliography for each patent classification, which are identified with different numbers. You can make notes of the numbers and study those which match the way your invention works. One you have identified the patents which come close to your invention, then search for the differences in your invention, which separates yours from those already patented.

If your invention search results in fining a patent that works the same way as your invention, you may not file a patent application.

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Software for Small Business

Under the category of “software small business”, you will see hundreds of products. The big manufacturers target smaller businesses by advertising under that heading. The owners find the prices appealing. But are they really getting what they need?

Let’s look at medical applications as an example. The proper storage of health-related records is essential in order for businesses to be compliant with HIPAA and other regulations. From a purely ethical standpoint, it is essential to protect the patient’s privacy and identity.

Practices also need management tools for scheduling patients and employees. An accurate billing system needs to be in place. The requirements of various insurance companies need to be considered. What will the insurer pay? What is the patient’s co-pay? Does the patient’s insurance cover the procedure?

Inventory needs to be monitored. Controlled substances need to be followed carefully from the time of receipt until they are delivered to the patient. Expiration dates need to be recorded and tracked. Steps must be taken to ensure that expired medications were disposed of properly. Flushing the pills is no longer an option because of pollution issues.

It must be easy for everyone in the office to operate the system and find the information they need. Can off-the-rack software small business medical applications fulfill all of the practice needs?

What the practice manager often ends up doing is buying a variety of different software packages to try and meet all of those needs. But, the packages operate separately. Even though they are loaded into the main practice database, they are not integrated.

If the billing, receiving, scheduling and inventory systems are not integrated, errors will occur. The office will quickly become disorganized because the system is disorganized. The risk of handing out expired samples increases.

There is an increased risk that the patient’s privacy will not be protected.

When it comes to medical applications, there is an obvious need for a well-designed customized script. Products sold under the heading of software small business cannot provide that. A good database designer can.

A good database design pays for itself quickly. Just the speed with which billing can be done is a monetary advantage. If the system is set up properly, there is usually no need for a billing clerk. The secretary or receptionist can learn how to use the system.

The integration of medical applications is just one example of how a customized database can be used to meet a company’s needs. Before you order something marketed under the category of software small business, consult a software consulting company such as Prolifogy Consulting. The consultation is well worth your while.


Business Management Tips

Business management is a very essential factor you should consider if you want your business to be successfully. Basically, managing any kind of business requires a person to be very attentive to everything that he or she believes will make the business flow smoothly. Most importantly, when managing your business, you require to effectively handle your staff’s needs even if you only have a few workers. It is ideal that you make sure your staff members are motivated, well-informed as well as satisfied in their tasks.

It is also important you make sure you properly handle the financial needs of your business. This includes purchasing, invoicing, payroll and handling taxes.

Determining the Necessary Staff Size of Your Business

It is very important that you examine carefully your staffing requirements. For instance, meet every employee and inquire from him or her what he/ she requires in order to carry his/her duties effectively and/or efficiently.

You should also develop a habit of rewarding hardworking employees. This will motivate the workers and encourage them to work extra harder every time.

Hiring Competent Workers

If you want your business to progress in a positive manner, it is ideal that you make sure you employ workers who are not only qualified and competent but experienced as well. Workers who possess these skills will definitely offer you and/ or your clients satisfactory services as explained on Michael Valentin Hald article.

Taking Care of Payroll

It is ideal that you always pay your employees correctly and on time. Ensure therefore that you have payroll software which accounts for the employee hours as well as pay rates. Also, you should establish a reliable consistent system for paying workers, whether bi- weekly or weekly.

Bottom Line

These business management tricks will only be effective if utilized properly. Ensure you put them to use as soon as possible in order to benefit from them.

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Services Offered by Auto Transport Companies

Automobile Transport offers several type of services for your car shipping needs. The services offered depend on the type of vehicle shipped and the schedule you demand. The requirements of auto shipping are dictated by the customers and their vehicles.

Auto Transport provides services for cross country car shipping and interstate car shipping. Best cheap car shipping company, being one of the best in the auto transport industry has preplanned routes and procedures, ready to serve customers. Automobile Transport also offers door to door delivery and expedite door to door shipping.

Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport is sought after by most car dealers and distributors worldwide. Open auto transport may be described as the default auto transport service. This is the back bone of the auto transport industry.

Open auto transport may be catered by auto transport carriers that provide car shipping in batches of 3 to 10 units. You may also choose to have a flatbed carrier that is seen as a more robust service suitable for bigger vehicles. A flat bed carrier may also carry more than 1 vehicle at a time depending on client demands.

Enclosed Auto Transport

More expensive vehicles need more delicate transports. This is where the Enclosed Auto Transport service comes in. Enclosed Auto Transport is highly advised for Luxury and collectible cars that need further protection from external factors during shipping. This is to ensure that priced cars don’t get any damage during the shipping process.

Enclosed Auto Shipping is also highly recommended for exotic car shipping. Exotic cars require far more safety precautions from loading to unloading.

Motorcycle Transport

Motorcycle transport requires other technicalities in terms of shipping. Motorcycles, when shipped require additional support and crating – especially for designer and priced motorcycles. Motorcycle shipping is another delicate task. Motorcycles are shipped for various reasons: Auctions sales, online purchases, relocations, motorcycle displays and rallies. Whatever the reason is, you need to have the best service available.

International Car Shipping

International car shipping requires further knowledge in logistics and customs both here and abroad. Automobile Transport must have knowledge in international customs, specializing on cars and the processes involved. If you want to have your car shipped to an international destination, choose the car shipping company with all the knowledge about the processes, choose the company that knows their way around the system.

International car shipping entails more tasks than your normal cross country or interstate auto transport. International car shipping requires more paper works – you may be surprised at how much effort you have to exert to be able to get to the actual shipping. You will even be more surprised on the processes when it arrives to an international destination. With Cheap Automobile Transport, the experience becomes less tedious.


Choosing a Press Brake Supplier

A press brake also known as brake press refers to an industrial machine that’s used for plate bending. A press brake consists of several different parts that include the housing, the brake itself, the bed, ram, bolster plate, gibs and drive. Press brakes also come in a handful of different styles, including mechanical, pneumatic, hydro mechanical and hydraulic. The following will illustrate some of the key features you will need to look into when choosing a press brake supplier.

Each type of brake is a little different, and using the right tooling and right operator for each press brake is important. It’s also important to choose best metal press brake supplier, so you know your machine will always produce the highest quality work.

The Right Choice Is Important: Choosing the right type of press brake for the job you need done and the size of shop you have is important. Take the time to discuss your needs with each supplier you approach, so they can get a clear picture of what is going on with your business. Any reputable supplier will know which type of machine will provide the best results for your business, and will suggest that type of brake to you.

Look for Experience: A brake press supplier that has ample experience and a proven track record in the industry is a good place to start when looking for a supplier. A strong reputation within the industry and having a good supply of machines and accessories in stock will help you make a decision.

Customer Service: Along with having high quality products and experience, customer service is another crucial factor when looking for a press brake supplier. You want to make sure that you’ll have support through every step of the buying and delivery process, as well as fast service if your machine ever has mechanical issues. Look for a complete service in every aspect, or go look somewhere else.

Pricing Options: Naturally, price is going to be an issue when you want to buy a new press brake or any other type of machine. It’s always wise to remember that the cheapest is rarely the best, but that you probably don’t have to spend the most to get a quality machine. If you’re not in a rush, take the time to shop around a little before you make a final decision. It’s not as if press brake suppliers are on every corner, but you should be able to find a few before making your ultimate choice.