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    Writing Effective Product Descriptions on Wish

    It is true that posting a clear photo is important to grab a buyer’s interest. Giving your item a catchy title is also a must to get a prospect more interested in checking out your listing. Writing product descriptions may seem like a not-so-important task but did you know that what you place in your descriptions can affect the decision of a prospective customer?

    Product Descriptions – Encourage Your Prospect to Buy

    Once a person clicks on the title or photo of an item, he/she is interested to know more details about the listing. It is your main goal to make a prospective buyer interested with the item you are selling and finally sell it. There are very good guides on how to sell on Wish in 2020 all over the internet.

    Based on the details of your description, a buyer will gauge what he/she thinks is a reasonable price for the item.

    How to Write Effective Product Descriptions

    So how can you write product descriptions that encourage people to buy the item? Here are some tips:

    Be detailed. A prospective buyer would want to know everything- even the littlest detail about the item. Be careful when choosing words to describe your product. You’ll want to make your description as accurate as possible.

    Don’t omit obvious details. Even the obvious details like the color, shape and size of an item should be clearly specified in your listing.

    Don’t try to cover up flaws. An honest and detailed description is always best. If the product has a slight flaw or damage, it’s best to disclose it in your listing. Remember, even if the flaw isn’t seen on the photo or even if you don’t mention it in your description, the buyer will discover it as soon as he/she gets the item. You don’t want to create a negative impression to your buyers as the Type of seller who deceives customers. Bear in mind that you customers can always leave a positive or negative feedback about you which can impact your overall rating and reputation. It is very important for you to gain your customer’s trust and respect and one way to do that is to be honest at all times.

    Incorporate keywords in your descriptions. Take advantage of product descriptions in optimizing search engine results. By including keywords in your descriptions, you make it easier for search engines to find your listing.

    Use adjectives. Of course, you’ll want a person to want to buy your item, not just read your listing. It is a fact that adjectives that are creatively and correctly used can urge a person to decide whether he is going to place a bid or not.

    Specify the terms of sale. You should always keep in mind that a buyer would need information about the following: shipping costs, the types of payment accepted, estimated time of delivery, the shipping service you will use, and other essential terms of sale.

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    Glitter Nail Polish

    If you’ve had the chance to use glitter nail polish before, you know how it instantly transforms plain-looking, colored nails into works of art. There is something infinitely exciting with using these nail products, whether you’re using clear glitter nail polish on top of your favorite nail polish shade, or you’ve found that vivid nail polish with glitter to go with an equally fabulous outfit. The possibilities of customizing how your nails will look are virtually endless with glitter nail polish!

    There is a wide array of glitter nail polish products out in the market today, providing consumers with a nail polish shade for every occasion. If you have the time and the inclination, you may want to try your hand in mixing and coming up with your own glitter nail polish – you’ll be surprised at how easy it actually is. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to experiment with different colors and glitter sizes, such as the silver holographic glitter for example, to your heart’s desire.

    Just follow the steps below, and you’re on your way to making your very own glitter nail polish:

    1. Decide on the nail polish base you want to use for your glitter nail polish. You may use your favorite vivid color, or a clear base – whatever suits your fancy is perfectly fine. However, if you want the glitters to really stand out, you can try a clear nail polish base first.
    2. Look for the smallest-sized glitters available in your art supply stores. You can choose any glitter color for your glitter nail polish, but just make sure that it complements the nail polish base you will use – you don’t want the colors to clash.
    3. Use a small funnel to transfer the glitters to the bottle of nail polish; it is best if the bottle is not entirely full, to allow some space for the glitters to settle. If a small funnel is not available, you can a piece of wax paper twirled into a cone shape to make your glitter nail polish.
    4. Pour a small amount of glitter on the funnel, onto the nail polish bottle; after this, give the bottle a little shake to evenly disperse the glitters. You can add more glitters if you want your nail glitter polish to have more texture and brilliance.
    5. You can now apply your customized glitter nail polish, preferably to freshly-cleansed nails. To achieve the most dazzling effect, put at least one layer of clear top coat on top of the glitter nail polish; this will also make sure that the glitters will adhere nicely to your nails.
    6. Secure the glitter nail polish cap tightly, to ensure that the polish will remain easy to apply. If the nail polish does get a little bit sticky and hard to apply, you can mix some nail polish solvent or thinner until you get the desired consistency again.

    There are some people who are hesitant to use glitter nail polish because it can be difficult to remove. Regular nail polish (without the glitters) can easily be removed by any nail polish remover in the market; however, the glitters are a different matter, and oftentimes present a challenge during removal time. Even those who use clear glitter nail polish experience the glitter challenge. Here are some tips on how to remove the stubborn glitters from your nails:

    • Use a nail polish remover with mild acetone content. The acetone will help in effectively loosening and eventually removing the glitters from your nails
    • Soak a cotton ball with the nail polish remover
    • Position the thoroughly soaked cotton ball on top of your nails, and gently press down for a few seconds
    • Gently but firmly glide the cotton ball down your nail; most of the glitter nail polish should come off this way. Repeat the process until you get all the glitters off your nails.

    You may find glitter nail polish intimidating to use, especially if you are used to having your nails done in muted nail polish shades. However, if you want to let your inhibitions loose (at least as far as your nails are concerned), using nail polish glitter is one of the best ways to do so. Who knows, you might end up enjoying the carefree feeling you will have while sporting dazzling, glittery nails!

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    BulletProof Vests Price

    Whenever safety is concerned, we are always looking to quell any danger. But if you are looking down the barrel of a gun, you can’t exactly argue. It helps to have a bullet proof vest ready for times like this. Beforehand, you should already know that the price of bullet proof vest differs according to level and additional features as well as size. Let’s  consider what are the factors affecting the price of a bulletproof vest.


    Level is the most important factor in determining the price of bullet proof vests. Lower levels have lower prices due to lesser protection but added mobility. Here are the default price ranges each level typically has.

    Level I – $35 – $200

    Level II – $100 – $320

    Level IIA – $125 – $410

    Level IIIA – $200 – $650

    Level III and IV vests are rarely found in the market. These are hard body armors that are not supposed to be for sale commercially. The military and police force, as well as government officials and VIPs, are known to use these types of armor. That is why we cannot find the price of bullet proof vest levels III and IV.

    Additional Pockets

    Sometimes the user is not complacent when it comes to the protection offered by the vest he purchased. It is also possible to ask for additional pockets where you can add metal or ceramic plates for added protection. Take note though that this will increase the price of bullet proof vests.

    Side Protection

    The price of bullet proof vests sometimes decreases if it offers no side protection. You should be vigilant about this as your side is at stake here. Manufacturers usually offer this type of vest for those who are more concerned about their front and back leaving their side vulnerable.


    The design also affects the price of bullet proof vests. The default color is always black. If you want a custom colored one for jungle use or camouflage, it will cost extra. Likewise, there are also some that offer printing of names on the vest such as POLICE, SWAT and many more. Apart from this, some sellers also offer badges and dog tags that will match your vest.  Therefore you should always check Vest Carrier Accessories on couple of different sources. These can also affect the price.


    This is probably the second most important factor that determines the price of bullet proof vests. Keeping the vest out of plain sight requires it to be small and not bulky. This will require a more intricate design which is more costly.

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    PaintBall Attire

    When dressing for paintball, there is more to consider than just how you look. You must also consider safety and comfort.

    A paintball mask is necessary. Some people choose to wear goggles, without a mask. This is not recommended. You should wear a mask that provides protection for your face and head, as well as your eyes. Many good masks also have earflaps to protect your ears.

    The more you cover yourself while playing paintball, the less likely you will be to get hurt. You should wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. You will want the clothing to be loose enough to allow you to squat, roll, bend, etc. However, you need to make sure the clothing is not so loose that it is falling off, causing you to trip, or otherwise getting in your way. Baggy clothing helps to cushion your body. You may also consider layering your clothing, by wearing leggings or long underwear underneath as explained on getpaintballgun.com.

    Try to choose colors that blend in well with the environment you will be playing in. For instance, you may want to wear the green colored camouflage for playing in the woods, or the tan colored camouflage if playing in a sand colored environment. If you do not have camouflage, or do not wish to wear it, try to choose black or brown clothing for playing in the woods.

    Wear old shoes, of good quality. They will get very dirty. High-tops are a good idea for paintball, as they will offer protection for your ankles. You will want non-skid shoes with good traction. You may need to use paint or shoe polish to darken your shoes.

    You should invest in padding for your body. This includes vests, elbow pads, kneepads, shin guards, athletic cups, and neck guards. Cushioned bras are a good idea for women. This extra gear will reduce the amount of pain inflicted when you are hit by a paintball. It will also reduce the amount of bruising you receive.

    Paintball is an extreme sport. Keep that in mind when choosing what you will wear on the playing field. Dress for safety first, then for comfort. Style may be important to you, but it is the last thing to consider when dressing for paintball.

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    Protect Your Eyes in the workplace

    Up to 50 percent of all ocular traumas occur in the workplace. That’s more than 1,000 eye injuries a year. Luckily, most of these injuries – 90 percent are preventable.

    The two leading causes that contribute to eye injury at work are lack of eye protection, and inadequate eye protection. Three out of five workers injured on the job are not wearing eye protection, and 40 percent were wearing eye protection inappropriate for the type of work conducted. By educating yourself about eye protection and becoming aware of potential hazards, you can avoid becoming a statistic.

    Protect Your Eyes

    Always wear appropriate eye protection. Most injuries occur among craft workers and industrial equipment operators, but any workplace can contain hazards. Dusts, flying particles, rays and fumes can occur in almost every working environment. It is important to assess potential hazards in your workplace in order to choose the correct eye protection.

    Iş gözlüğü are devised to protect the eyes from flying particles. They may come with side shields, cups or tinted lenses. The frame and lenses of safety glasses must meet the impact resistant standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These glasses look like regular glasses, but are much sturdier and stronger.

    Safety Goggles

    Goggles protect the entire eye area by shielding it from flying particles coming from all directions. Just like safety glasses, goggles are impact resistant. Safety goggles may have tinted lenses, and possess direct or indirect ventilation.

    Shields and helmets can be uses as additional protection in conjunction with protective eyewear. Helmets provide protection when welding or using molten materials. When working with chemicals, heat or light hazards, a full-faced shield is frequently used.

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    Hire a professional removal company

    Hiring a professional removal company not only alleviates the stress of moving, but will save you a lot of time and effort. From house moves to commercial moves or even student moves, these companies can handle any type of move in an efficient, safe and timely manner.

    Guide to hiring the right removal company

    Whether you are considering moving your home or business, relocating can be a mentally stressful, challenging and costly task. Using the services of a removal company in Oxford can not only help ease the strain, it can be cost effective as well. A good removal company will plan and execute your move efficiently and safely resulting in you having the least stress over the move.

    A few guidelines to follow when hiring a removal company Oxford: Look for a company that can provide the services you require as well as meet your budget. Ensure that the company is licensed and that they have trained and experienced staff. Find out if their service is reliable (check online for reviews by people who have used their services before). Do not accept a quotation if the items for relocation have not been surveyed. Ensure they send someone to inspect the items and then get them to provide a quotation after that. This way you will only be charged based on what they have quoted and there will be no surprises later.

    Finding the right office removal company

    Moving an office or business requires a removal company that has the experience and the knowledge to relocate a business of any size. Commercial moves can be large so the removal company needs to have the equipment and trained staff that can handle moves of any size with procedures that are efficient, cost-effective and timely.

    There are several Office Removal Companies Oxford, but hiring the right removal company for your office relocation can be the difference between a move that is smooth or stressful. A good removal company will adeptly plan and organize every small detail of your move so that you are put through the least amount of stress, resulting in a moving experience that is a pleasant one.

    Oxford Removal Companies

    From offices to large homes or single bedroom flats, there are several removal companies that provide a wide range of services to suit your requirements and budget. Service options range from hourly charged man and van services to full removal services that include packing and unpacking. If you are located in Oxford and are planning to relocate elsewhere in the UK or even in Europe, then hiring the right Oxford Removals company will ensure that you experience a professionally-managed and stress-free relocation. Whatever your option of service you can be assured of a move that is efficient and smooth in every respect.

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    IPhone and Android App Development

    In one other aspect if you see that you have more Android users as your customers who recently loved buying Samsung Galaxy , you should focus on the Android development that can produce apps to be run on Samsung Galaxy. To develop for both platforms sounds smart but you have to focus on the one which has more potential for you.

    BlackBerry app development, Symbian app development and Windows mobile application development can also be smart for you, depending upon your scenario. One other aspect of Smart can be mobile app development that you have expertise in. But your expertise must match the requirement of current time. And you always need to be up to date with the latest tech news around the globe and tech news portals like Gossipfunda are giving you just that.

    As currently iPhone and Android are hot topics, you must groom expertise in these areas. You can also target future and make long term plans such as analyzing the current trends that shape future. For example, after the Nokia and Microsoft strategic alliance for next generation mobiles, soon a time will come when Windows mobile app development will become a hot topic. So what you can do is try to focus on this one side and build your expertise in it that will help win tomorrow’s competition.

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    Dating Online – Tips For Conversation

    What should you be doing when it comes to starting a conversation on LDs dating sites? With LDs dating, there are topics that are completely disallowed. Beyond that, consider the following tips that can help you to start conversations on a first or second date.

    • Ask about their job. If you know they are working, ask them what they do, how their day was, or what career path they are on.
    • If they are in school, find out what their goals are for the future.
    • If you are going to see a movie, freshen up on the other movies the stars of the show have been in so that you can talk about those.
    • Be honest about the information you are sharing. Remember that as a LD, you are looking for an honest relationship. There is no benefit in being dishonest here.
    • Talk about local events, church outings or even friends that you both share.
    • Start a conversation about what you did today, or on another day that was significant.

    It does not take much to get a conversation going with other lds singles. What is important to note is that you want to focus on topics that start positive conversations. Try to avoid topics that are just negative or depressing. You want your date to be memorable for all of the right reasons. Once again, leave politics out of the picture, at least for right now. Later, all of those other topics can be discussed, including religion.

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    Dating Online: Tips for Success

    Online dating can be difficult for some. Especially if you are religious and looking for the same. The following tips will help.

    As a Christian, you know the importance of being honest and fair. When you are dating online, do that. Be honest about who you are, what you look like and what your goals are. This way, others can better relate to you and they can become closer to you. If you are not honest, you cannot expect for others to be with you.

    Focus on Christian dating sites solely. Rather than investing in time in those dating sites that offer a wide range of dating option, consider just those sites that deal with online dating for Christians. Chances are good you will be impressed with their results.

    Do your best to stay active. It is very common for people to struggle with online dating because they do not feel that they cannot reach out to others. This is a large problem. If you except to find someone that wants to date you, go out there and introduce yourself. With dating sites, this is easy enough to do without the risk of embarrassment.

    If you want to find success with online dating as a Christian, that means setting yourself up for success. Give yourself a chance by choosing the right site to be a member of. Not all dating sites are the same in terms of what they offer. Further, you want to be sure that you are active in that site. Post your profile and be sure that it is an accurate representation of who you are and what you are looking for. Include photos too since this often helps encourage others to speak to you.

    When someone sends you a message, send a note back. Why not browse the website and find people who interest you and then send them a message? These are easy ways that you can make dating online easier for you, and most important, more successful for you. Christian dating online can be a lot of fun, if you put your heart into it and plan to have success by giving it your very best.

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    Sites For Music Download

    There are thousands of websites on the Internet that offer free MP3 music that is virus and spy ware free and is legal to download. Be sure to search for one of the sites so you are aware what a safe and legitimate free music website looks like.

    Once you know the difference between a legal and illegal music website you will have no problem downloading music. You will feel guilt free knowing that the MP3 music you download is not only legal but also free of any viruses or spy ware that could harm your computer.

    If you are not certain what websites are legal and which ones are not ask around for websites that offer legal music to download for your iPod. Also keep in mind that just because a website offers free and legal music for your iPod does not mean the downloads are free of viruses and spy ware. Carefully research the Situs download mp3 gratis and read all the fine print to be sure the downloads are safe for your computer.