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    Patent Protection of Web Sites and Software

    Depending on how it is claimed, aspects or specific sections of a web site or of computer software may be eligible for patenting as a process (a sequence of steps) patent; they may also be contained in a machine as it executes on a computer; and may be an article of manufacture, when the software is contained on floppy disks, CD-ROM, DVD, system memory, etc.

    The invention must be useful, novel, and unobvious. Useful means that the invention must actually have some utility. Thus just an idea without a practical application will not qualify. Indeed, it is the implementation which is patentable, not the idea itself.

    Novel means that it cannot have been previously known. An application will be rejected if each and every element in the claim can be found in a single prior art reference. Unobvious means that it must be sufficiently different from similar inventions. An application will be rejected if the invention claimed in the patent is considered obvious “to a person having ordinary skill in the art” as described in https://kulturehub.com/inventhelp-support-inventors/ article.

    In addition there must be adequate disclosure. Unlike copyright protection, patent protection requires registration with the US Patent and Trademark office.

    The following are specifically excluded from protection under patent law: ideas, laws of nature, scientific principals, mental steps, mathematical algorithms, and printed matter. Deciding under which conditions an invention is proper subject matter and is therefore patentable or is not proper subject matter and is not patentable can be very difficult.

    For example, one of the complexities dealt with is as follows: If the software embodies an idea, a law of nature or a mathematical formula, the patent application is rejected when there is an attempt to foreclose the general use of the idea, the law of nature or the formula. If the software containing the idea, law or formula is instead applied to a particular machine, it may be acceptable for patenting. In this area and others it is sometimes difficult to draw the line between concepts.

    In addition one must consider other issues. Processing a patent application is time consuming and can be costly. The protection obtained may protect the method claimed, but not other methods for accomplishing the same purpose. However, the possession of a patent could deter others from developing inventions which have the possibility of infringing.

    Some companies obtain significant revenue from licensing patent rights. A patent can prevent others from exploiting their own, independently created, invention, if it infringes on your patent. Each invention must be considered on its own unique facts. You can read much more about patenting process and all the latest news from https://twitter.com/inventhelp.

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    Weight Loss Tips

    How to achieve the body you desire

    Lasting weight loss is often an elusive goal, and is an ongoing undertaking for many people. Losing weight repeatedly only to regain unwanted pounds and inches can lead frustrated dieters to thinking that they should just learn to live with their excess bulk. This does not have to be your reality, as lasting weight loss can happen by following proven tips. An effective regimen may get you looking better than you ever imagined, and feeling good about your improved health and level of discipline as well.

    Why quick & dirty weight loss program don’t work!

    Healthy weight loss rarely happens quickly, and searching for a magic weight loss pill, beverage, or food will be futile. Even without drastic dietary changes, exercising can lead to impressive results. Your regimen should start with increasing your amount of daily physical activity above all else. In addition, you are likely to improve your cardiovascular health as you burn unwanted calories. Even lifting no more than hand weights twice a week can strengthen your muscles and bones, as well as improve your heart health.

    Focusing on improving your health, as opposed to concentrating on weight loss, can have a positive and lasting impact. You can do this by cutting back on your meal portions and adding more water to your daily diet. Once you are drinking more water and not stuffing yourself at each meal, you may find it easier to then work on eliminating unhealthy foods and eating foods that are more nutritious. This approach can keep the focus off of feeling deprived, which often leads to harmful binge eating.

    Achieving desired weight is often a matter of changing your thinking and identifying why you overeat. Assessing when you overeat and the emotions or situations that can trigger this behavior can help your attempt as well. If this type of activity feels overwhelming, joining a support group or weight loss program may be helpful. Keeping a dietary journal, whether you do this on your own or as part of a group, can be extremely beneficial as well.

    Set realistic weight loss goals

    Setting realistic goals can keep you from feeling frustrated or ultimately giving up trying to lose weight. A goal of losing even one or two pounds a week may not seem like much, but this is an effective strategy even if your goal is ambitious. Small changes over time will lead to greater and lasting weight loss, and your results will last longer using this method.

    Weight Loss tips conclusions

    Although it may be tempting and seem like a good way to get quick results, skipping meals is actually counterproductive. Depriving yourself may result in temporary weight reduction, but the results will be quickly negated once you have your next meal. Water weight loss is far from lasting, and you are more likely to cause your body to retain fat stores as opposed to shedding your excess fat. True weight loss is not in jeopardy just because you eat a proper meal. The aforementioned consejos para bajar de peso may not seem dramatic, but following them can lead to a new and improved you.

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    There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when writing a patent, to improve the chances that the patent will withstand the scrutiny of potential litigation, while attempting to secure the greatest degree of patent “coverage” allowable for the applicant as described in https://www.techtimes.com/articles/249715/20200518/how-inventhelp-gets-new-inventors-onto-the-right-path.htm post.

    There is a great deal of strategy that goes into selecting which words and phrases to use in describing and “teaching” the invention. In some circumstances it is advantageous to use very broad language, while other times it is critical to be very specific and narrow in scope.

    For example, if the claims are written too narrowly it may be easy to “design around” the patent, affording the inventor little “protection”. If the claims are written too broadly however, they may not be allowed, or may be invalidated if challenged. These are some of the reasons why it is usually advisable to seek assistance from those knowledgeable in intellectual property law when applying for a patent as written on https://www.valuewalk.com/2020/05/medical-invention-covid-19/.

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    Patents and Inventions

    When people speak of patents, they speak of inventions; the two topics go hand-in-hand as most cannot have one without the other. Inventors seek out patents for their ideas and inventions as they look to protect the rights they have over the ideas and products that they have created.

    It is important for inventors to understand what patents do and how long they are good for. Patents help protect ideas and products that have been created. By filing for a patent, inventors prevent others from creating, manufacturing, selling, importing or marketing a product that matches the description of the patented product.

    Patents give patent-holders full rights over the creation and use of their particular products. Patents expire 20 years after the original filing date. You can check this Youtube channel for more information – https://www.youtube.com/user/inventhelp.

    What is the greater purpose of a patent?

    A patent provides the general public with information that they simply do not have. While others cannot duplicate a patented product, they can change it and edit it, creating a change to an existing idea. This public information is the basis behind patents, as the government is looking to push general knowledge and trade.

    For some inventors, patents are a must. These inventors plan on pushing their ideas through to manufacturing and sales, hoping to make money and distribute their products nationwide. Others will never manage to find the funding for their projects and may be spending money on a patent that they simply do not have to spend.

    Those who have their own new inventions need to think about why they are filing for a patent and what they have to gain from that patent. If the patent is for an idea or product that no one would want and no one would use, the patent is useless.

    It is crucial for inventors to take the time to think about the invention and the idea behind the invention as a whole. This reflection helps inventors realize whether or not a patent is the right step for the ideas and inventions they have as stated in https://www.tmcnet.com/topics/articles/2020/03/24/444881-everything-need-know-inventhelp.htm post.

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    Why using SEO will be beneficial for you

    Online marketing in NY started out as a new phenomenon, a way for business owners to reach wider audiences and hopefully convince the audience they have the best products or services to offer. Today it’s been taken over by professional SEO experts, eager to help online marketing in NY work for you.

    The best NYC SEO company has a lot of experience and ideas behind it, both of which can only benefit you. Professional SEO services will give your site the boost it needs when done right and an SEO marketing firm knows how to handle the process from start to finish, providing a final product that will showcase your business and it’s strengths.

    Original content

    The first reason using SEO will only benefit your business is because of the original content. Making up a huge part of your website, original content provides users with information about your business, products, services, history, values—anything you deem important.

    Hire a professional SEO writer—you can’t just slap something up if you’re going to take this advertising seriously. SEO advertising writers know how to create great original content while still meeting the technical specifications for successfully using SEO.

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    Read your news online

    With online newspapers, you also don’t need to be worried about heaps of newspapers collected at the end of each month. These newspapers are accessible 24/7 as per your convenience.
    Language will also not be a barrier if you prefer to read online news. You can read online news in as many languages you wish to read. Whether you want to access news in national, regional or foreign language, you don’t need to use separate translators, because nowadays, most of the newspapers are available in many different languages to enrich readers’ experience.

    Thus, online revolution has proved to be really beneficial for news seekers. From political news to regional news to astrology news, online news portals like mediautama.live allow you to get access to national and international news at just one click. Their easy and instant accessibility, cheap prices and flexibility make them popular among news seekers belonging to all age groups. Online news sites have truly revolutionized the way news is shared.

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    Patent Filing Requirements

    Filing a patent application can be quite exciting. It can be something of a worry, too. Many inventors go through a phase of what if questions about what will happen when they file their application. Will it go through? What if there are problems with the patent search? What if I am forgetting something?

    The questions can be endless, but knowing that you have worked with a trusted patent attorney or patent agent, and that you know the process for a patent application to go through, can help you to be sure that even those what if questions are silenced as you can see from this https://www.jpost.com/Special-Content/Get-Your-Invention-Off-the-Ground-with-the-Support-of-InventHelp-624132 article.

    The first step is having a provisional application put into place. This application provides you with the initially protect you need. Once in place, your idea is virtually protected even if you take it out to talk to investors about it or start to sell it.

    The process requires that you follow some very specific technical specifications to file a patent. The US Patent Office can provide you with more information that you need, but in general, the information required is as follows.

    You will need to have a written, thorough description of your invention. You will also need to have any specific drawings that can be contributed to your patent. Drawings help to take basic words and put them into an image people can relate to as explained on https://spacecoastdaily.com/2020/03/inventhelp-the-way-forward-for-new-inventors/.

    The third thing you will need is a US Patent Office filing fee. Currently, the filing fee for provisional patent applications is $125, but this is subject to change and there are various situations where it could be different.

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    Create a Tutorials Blog To Make Money Online

    Do you have a skill or talent that other people often ask about? Are you a great cook? Do you like to work on cars? Do you have great ideas for kids craft projects? Many people search the internet for ideas and instructions on how to do things. By creating a blog dedicated to showing others how to do something you love, you can make some extra money and spend time on your hobbies! First, let’s talk about what to put on your blog, then we’ll talk about how to make money off of it.

    Create your Blog

    Blogger and WordPress both offer free blog platforms you can use to start your blog. Simply sign up and follow the steps to register, create a blog, and start posting. Creating a blog using one of these services will require you to use a .blogspot or .wordpress URL for your blog.

    If you’d like to have your own URL, you can find instructions on the web on how to purchase your own domain name and create your own website using WordPress.

    Choose a Topic

    Teaching a skill can attract visitors to your site and, when you provide them with valuable and reliable information, they will keep coming back to you. To find a topic you’ll be able to continue writing about start by making a list of things you like to do.

    Create Effective and Professional Tutorials

    When writing your tutorials, always includes steps. Use numbering or bullet point systems wherever appropriate so your instructions are easy to follow. Sometimes words or text won’t be enough to completely communicate your process. Showing how something is done will make a huge difference. Including images or instructional videos on your tutorial will be the content that keeps visitors coming back for more ideas.

    Monetize your Blog

    Once you’ve got a great idea and you’re generating content, you’re ready to start making money off of your visitors. There are several ways to do this and you should know that not all may work with any type of blog.

    Among the most common ways to monetize a blog is the use of programs such as Google AdSense. Programs like this use content-sensitive web-based marketing systems that show ads that correspond directly to the content on your pages. That way your site’s visitors will see ads for products and services that actually interest them. You make money every time someone clicks on one of the ads on your pages. This is one way to make money online. There a lot of other ways to work from home and you can search on the internet for “How to make passive money in India” and you will get numerous guides and tips on other methods.

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    What is the importance of Patents in the economy today?

    A patent provides statutory protection to original inventors and corporations who invent new products and provides them incentive to invest in Research & Development activities by restricting their competitors from plagiarizing their products. The owner of a patent gets an exclusive statutory right of use over their inventions thus enabling them to extract profits from their inventions.

    U.S. law provides that an application for a patent must be made within one year of the first offer for sale, public use or publication of the invention.

    ‘Patent pending’ means that an application for obtaining a patent is in process. A manufacturer of a product may advertise ‘patent pending’ on his product to inform the public that the manufacturer has applied for a patent for the product with the USPTO. However, there is also a statutory fine for those who falsely advertise ‘patent pending’ on their products in order to mislead the public. For more details on that visit https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/gotconcept/elon-musks-greatest-inventions/.

    Many well-known companies invest billions of dollars in Research and Development activities (R&D). If these companies were not allowed patents, then their competitors would copy their new products and sell them at much cheaper rates. A patent prevents this plagiarizing by competitors and makes R&D investments worthwhile by allowing the inventor company the exclusive monopoly over use of their inventions. Thus, patents provide incentive to the original inventors and corporations for undertaking costs of R&D activities and help further scientific and technological development in the economy.

    Attorneys and licensed patent agents have to strictly abide by the prescribed code of conduct making confidentiality of client information mandatory. Therefore, by hiring the services of Attorneys or licensed patent agencies, such as InventHelp, you can ensure that your invention remains secret while pending.

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    Are there different strategies for filing patents?

    The advantage of doing a patent search is that you may find that your invention or something very close to it has been filed already, saving you thousands in patent and attorney fees. The disadvantage is that it is generally incomplete, as there is no visibility into unpublished patent applications, which in the US pertains to most patent applications less than 18 months old.

    It is generally recommended that one do a search if one is not familiar with the general subject matter. For instance, if the inventor has been involved with research and development in his field for many years, it is likely that he knows whether or not his approach is a novel one. But if one came up with an idea in a flash and has little or no visibility into the broader subject matter, it is a good idea to do a search as discussed on https://inspirationfeed.com/inventhelp/.

    Filing provisional patents will set you up early in the patent process, but will also delay the USPTO from even queueing up your application for examination until a utility patent is filed. At the end of the 12 months you must make a decision as to whether you want US or you want to seek multi-national rights to attach to your application.

    Filing a utility patent immediately gets you into the queue for examination, is a bit more expensive and requires more work on the part of the attorney or and patenting agency, such as InventHelp. However, it then gives you the same 12 months you would have had to decide whether you want just US or multi-national rights.

    Filing a PCT application gives you about 30 months from the earliest filing date of the application to decide what countries you want to file in (30 months if a PCT is filed first, 18 months if it is filed after filing a utility or provisional patent). If you only wish to file in a few countries and you know that, you might be better off filing in those countries directly. For instance, the cost of patent office fees for filing the PCT application alone is about $3000-$5000.