What Is The Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a centuries old psychological system with deep and abiding roots in sacred tradition. The word Enneagram itself comes from the Greek and refers to a circular figure with nine points on its circumference. The history of the Enneagram has been addressed, in detail, by many authors from antiquity to contemporary time.

It is now, however, of increasing interest to focus on the Enneagram of the human being, referring to and recognizing the fullness of human creation. What is evolving is a dynamic tool and map that integrates the psychological and spiritual dimensions of ones experience. The Enneagram enables the student to see their radical or core humanity and the sacredness held within.

The Enneagram describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. It informs us about the basic coping strategies we employ to survive and meet our needs, what motivates our actions and behavior, and what determines how we establish relationships and interact within them. It is valuable to recognize that each of the nine Enneagram types has a particular and unique path, or high road, that when followed leads to personal and spiritual development through the discovery of ones own potential and qualities of being.

Thus, rather than be obstructed and limited by self-serving or destructive patterns, we are enabled to fulfill this potential. Awareness and knowledge is expanded when we are able to see the various ways that people view life. Recognizing and acknowledging other points of view and the differing ways individuals perceive, process, and respond to their environment increases our capacity for self-observation and knowledge of ourselves in the context of human relationship.

It is in studying the Enneagram that we can observe the reality of what it describes and thus, become an aware and conscious conduit through which life can flow. Study of the Enneagram also provides us with a key that enables us to unlock the perceptual filters that distort our awareness and block our energy. This allows for new choices around our normal reactivity and automatic behavior. We come to know and understand the recurring patterns and life themes that seem to weave through our lives.

Ultimately this knowledge becomes the wisdom that guides and reconciles us with the ever-evolving being-ness and life energy that we truly are.


How to Groom your Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu

The Lhasa and Shih Tzu are similar in many ways. While the Lhasa is larger without the pushed-in nose, it has the same amount of grooming required as its small counterpart. Both have a glorious topcoat and an undercoat that is every groomer’s nightmare, especially if the owners don’t do their part at home to keep these wonderful little guys looking as they are meant to.

Ideally, a groomer would like to see these clients once every couple of weeks to maintain their beauty. However, there are few who can afford the luxury, so training yourself and your dog at home will help keep the cost down when professional dog grooming Orlando FL services are required. You must be willing to invest time and energy into growing out your dog’s coat because you will need plenty of both to get that gorgeous look. If not, consider the shorter puppy clips that maintain healthy skin and coat without the hassle.

One of the first things to make your job easier, and in fact possible at all, is to train your dog to lay on its side to be brushed. Brushing and combing out tangles and mats is much less a chore for you and the dog if you are able to get underneath the legs to the belly without a battle. Take hold of his front and rear legs and cradle his torso against your arm as you lay him down on his side. He might balk or try to get up at first, but keep your arm along his ribs, and, if necessary, hold his head down, too. Some might even protest with dramatic whimpers and cries, but don’t be fooled by his theatrics; he is not being hurt, just restrained against his will. Talk softly and reassure him he will not die, and soon he will come to realize it’s quite relaxing and enjoyable to be petted in this new method.

Once he has learned to lay still and be brushed, use your fingers to pull apart tangled hair. Cutting the mat will only lead to broken hair and more mats to come with the shorter hair. Also, too much hair can be lost if the mats are cut open, which is not desirable if you are contemplating showing your dog. Concentrate on the underbelly and be sure to remove any tiny tangles with a fine-tooth comb, as any left unchecked will develop into huge mats later.