Affiliate Programs That Are Similar To Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate marketplaces online. However, in this article we will go over a few affiliate programs that are similar to Clickbank but that provide you an alternative.

These additional affiliate programs and marketplaces and neither better or worse than Clickbank, but can simply provide you with additional streams of affiliate income:

JVZoo – This is a new marketplace that is very popular among affiliates on the Warrior Forum. With JVZoo you are paid instantly via Paypal for the sales generated. Many of these products will even be 100% commission products so the customer is essentially paying the affiliate in that case rather than the product vendor. For 50% affiliate programs the payment will simply be alternated between affiliate and vendor. Many of the offerings in the Warrior Forum special offers section are provided by JVZoo.

Clicksure – This is a brand new affiliate marketplace that is along the same sort of lines as Clickbank. The main difference is that the company is based overseas and as a result there have been reports of high rates of transactions being declined due to the automated international fraud checks. Also, some products that may be rejected by the Clickbank marketplace due to being a bit “hypey” or of low quality are often accepted as an alternative by Clicksure.

Online Business Opportunities – Instead of promoting products for one off sales, a very popular trend for affiliates is to join online business opportunities instead. These programs usually have an entire suite of products that are organized in a well designed sales funnel – most likely using the Clickfunnels software, and you can check the Clickfunnels price online. So this way you are not just making one-off sales, but your customers are being sent through an upsell sequence and are likely to buy additional more expensive products in the future. This is a very powerful way of increasing the earnings per customer without doing much additional work.

CPA Affiliate Programs – CPA stands for Cost Per Action and is a very powerful way to make money online. Instead of getting paid for the sale like you would do with Clickbank, you can get paid simply be referring free leads to fill out an email submit form. So you make money without making any sales! The companies as part of these CPA networks understand their metrics and therefore can afford to lose money on the front end because they know that they will monetize these leads in the long run.

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