Amazing and Inspiring Child Invention Ideas

Inventions nowadays do break barriers that even children can produce their own novel creations. It is amazing and at the same time inspiring to hear about creative child invention ideas that continue to flow into the world of science and technology as you can read from

The following are examples of creative child invention ideas:


This is one among child invention ideas that a lot of children may find useful. Jeremy Kaye, the inventor of this special bed, was only a fourth-grader when he designed it. This invention allows you to make your beds in a more convenient way with the use of a system of pulleys and ropes.


Kaitlyn Quaranta and Kristen Poli found a creative way to reinvent pillows. They made their invention by making use of typical pillowcase and installing pockets to one of its sides. These pockets serve as helpful storage units for your sleep-over essentials. Examples of these are toothbrush, toothpaste, pajamas and even a book.


This is another invention made by Kristen Poli and Kaitlyn Quaranta that involves adding special features to a special object. It comes in the form of a reusable bandage that has the ability to expedite the healing process of your wound. It does this by employing the use of cold press application.

Recording folder

This is one of the child invention ideas that proves to be useful to students in studying their lessons. Eric, the boy behind this creation, was only 7 when he conceptualized and actualized this idea. The recording folder is basically made of a typical folder in which students can place their school works. Its unique functionality lies in the recording device that is built into it. By using this device, you don’t have to write all your homeworks and lessons on your notebooks. It also allows you to listen to your recorded lessons even while doing other tasks. Find more information about patents and inventions on

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