Are Phone Systems The Best Way Forward In Today’s Business World?

Business telephone systems are a range of multi-line telephone systems normally utilized in business surroundings covering small-key systems to large-scale private branches. Business telephone systems are not your average telephone system. These systems utilize multiple lines that are accessible from various telephones, or “stations” within the system, which frequently supply added features associated with handling calls. Business telephone systems, such as the ATS Telecoms –, are fundamentally categorized into private branch exchanges, hybrid systems, and key systems.

A key system is initially recognized from a PBX, private branch exchange, in that it permits the user to view and manage calls directly and manually by utilizing lighted line buttons. Private branch exchanges function in a way close to the public telephone system where calls are diverted to the proper target by dialing directly. A hybrid system merges conventional telephone systems with modernized VoIP, voice over Internet protocol, technology. A major advantage of hybrid telephone systems is in their ability to detour international and long distance calls over the Internet rather than via traditional telephone networks.

Things You Should Know Before Selecting Your Business Telephone System

Know the Basics

It is not necessary for you to be a phone wiz or a technical phone expert; however, it is vital that you understand the basics. You should be able to comprehend the essential features of a business telephone system and what it is used for. You should also decipher the kinds of business phone systems out on the market to focus further on what it is you “really” need. In addition, it is to your benefit to accustom yourself to the frequent terms utilized when conversing about phone systems.


Each business phone system has its advantages. By making yourself acquainted with each system, you will make a more thorough and long-term decision for your business. Something else to ponder is whether the advantages outweigh the cost of the system. You should expect recompense on your investment when utilizing your business telephone system needs.


How will your business telephone system be used? Will it be more suitable for sales calls or agents in a call center? Will your new business telephone system be used explicitly for customer service, teleconferencing, or simple communications? Additionally, something else to take into account is the outgoing and incoming calls each day. Are you making domestic and international calls daily? These kinds of circumstances must be brought to the forefront so that the appropriate system is selected for your business.