Blythe Dolls: A History of Fashion Dolls

Blythe dolls are dolls related to fashion and have a huge head with protruding eyes. The most special feature of Blythe dolls are that the eyes change their color when a thread which is fixed at the back of the head is pulled. The Blythe Doll was created way back in the 1972’s but it came into light not before than 2001 when a Japanese toy company had started producing new sets of the doll. Blythe dolls are particularly made for fashion fanatics and so can be widely customized and dressed as wished. Original versions were made by Kenner and then followed by Hasbro, Takaro and latest production is by Ashton Drake since 2004.

Though it started production in 1972 but it had gained exposure in 2001 when a television company Parco, fashion branch of Seibu department stores published its ad on television. Later many models of the doll were produced till it seized production in 2008. Full sized dolls ranging up to 28 cm and petite Blythes of 11.2 cm are generally available. These dolls are made of hard plastic body and with soft vinyl arms and legs so that they can be movable. These dolls have rooted hairs and the eyes have 4 eye color positional effects.

Hasbro is the license owner of the Blythe dolls and is solely responsible for its marketing and publishing. Some of the well known Hasbro Blythe dolls include the Hasbro Blythe Kozy Kape Doll, CWC Hasbro Petite BLYTHE COSMO, Hasbro Blythe Pow Wow Poncho Doll, Hasbro Petite Blythe Save the Animals MINI LITTLE doll, BLYTHE DOLL Sewing Pattern – Hasbro Dolls and many more in the list.

In 2001 the Toy Company started to produce new sets of Blythe dolls and was named as the Takara Blythe dolls. These dolls had a newer look and much more shiny interface and were so an instant hit to the people. There have been nearly more than 150 releases of Takara Blythe Dolls since 2001. The new editions have moveable eyelids and bodies and have new face textures which look like more fashionable than its ancestors.

Generally Takara is a Japanese Toy company and the Japanese Blythe Dolls are more or less published and patterned by them only. Some of the Dolls include Blythe Kubrick Figures Series 1 Hollywood, Petit Blythe Doll Red Kimono, Blythe Kubrick Figures Series 1 Aztec Arrival, Blythe Kubrick Figures Series 1 Aztec Arrival, Petit Blythe Doll Pop-up World etc.

Though these dolls are not so widely popular like the Barbie dolls, they are much fashionable and are a legend in their own realm. Blythe dolls, since its rebirth in 2001 have been a success and are sure to have more of it in the coming future, and bring sensational dolls in the years to come. If you are looking to buy a Blythe doll, This is Blythe company has the biggest choice of dolls and the highest quality accessories for Blythe dolls as you can read from thousands of This Is Blythe reviews online.

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