Brass Instruments

Brass instruments are one of the most exciting instruments that a person can play. Whether it’s as part of a classical orchestra or for a hip ska band backing up a singer, whatever the setting or style of music this family of instruments provides great sound that can be both deep bass, high sopranos, or just plain unusual sounds that can’t be found in any other style of music.

The range and the styles of play for this family is huge. The trombone is a very simple instrument that is deep in bass and requires a large amount of physical movement to play. The French horn on the other hand has very high pitches, is easy to hold, but is extremely complex in its shape and construction.

Depending on your particular preference, choosing one member of this family may be a bit difficult. Not only do you have to consider the sound of the instrument, but also the physical demands required of it. Regardless of the size, shape, or playing style, the entire family requires a very strong diaphragm and pair of lunges to really play well.

Essentially, the entire family works through blowing air through a mouthpiece, which is amplified and honed by the shape of the instrument. Each mouthpiece is a bit different, which explains the difference in sound along with the shape of the particular tubing. Some have valves and others have slides, and this should be taken into account when figuring what you’ll have the most fun playing.

For many people, early band classes are the first place, they are exposed to this family. This is a great play to try your hand at a variety of styles before settling down to one. If you’re older or you aren’t in band, you can sample a variety of music styling to get an idea of what each instrument is capable of. Generally speaking, the trumpet, trombone, tuba, euphonium and French horn are the basic members of this family with different sub-varieties between them. These particular members are the best to learn on and then move on to more specialized models.

This family is easy to care for, but it is essential that basic maintenance is performed. The tubing and color can be easily damaged by rust, which is very common if proper care is not taken. This family is also very expensive to purchase, so it’s important to make sure to protect your investment for many years of enjoyment.

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