BulletProof Vests Price

Whenever safety is concerned, we are always looking to quell any danger. But if you are looking down the barrel of a gun, you can’t exactly argue. It helps to have a bullet proof vest ready for times like this. Beforehand, you should already know that the price of bullet proof vest differs according to level and additional features as well as size. Let’s  consider what are the factors affecting the price of a bulletproof vest.


Level is the most important factor in determining the price of bullet proof vests. Lower levels have lower prices due to lesser protection but added mobility. Here are the default price ranges each level typically has.

Level I – $35 – $200

Level II – $100 – $320

Level IIA – $125 – $410

Level IIIA – $200 – $650

Level III and IV vests are rarely found in the market. These are hard body armors that are not supposed to be for sale commercially. The military and police force, as well as government officials and VIPs, are known to use these types of armor. That is why we cannot find the price of bullet proof vest levels III and IV.

Additional Pockets

Sometimes the user is not complacent when it comes to the protection offered by the vest he purchased. It is also possible to ask for additional pockets where you can add metal or ceramic plates for added protection. Take note though that this will increase the price of bullet proof vests.

Side Protection

The price of bullet proof vests sometimes decreases if it offers no side protection. You should be vigilant about this as your side is at stake here. Manufacturers usually offer this type of vest for those who are more concerned about their front and back leaving their side vulnerable.


The design also affects the price of bullet proof vests. The default color is always black. If you want a custom colored one for jungle use or camouflage, it will cost extra. Likewise, there are also some that offer printing of names on the vest such as POLICE, SWAT and many more. Apart from this, some sellers also offer badges and dog tags that will match your vest.  Therefore you should always check Vest Carrier Accessories on couple of different sources. These can also affect the price.


This is probably the second most important factor that determines the price of bullet proof vests. Keeping the vest out of plain sight requires it to be small and not bulky. This will require a more intricate design which is more costly.

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