Choosing The Right Mask

Selecting a well fitting mask that fits your face is the key to maximizing your protection. Your mask ought to fit tightly over your nose and mouth, with no gaps. Some masks are available with an adhesive seal around the edges for even further effectiveness. To obtain the maximum protective effect, you’ll need to wear your mask as long as you’re in a high-level risk setting and replace it after each use.

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Other than protecting yourself by wearing an appropriate mask when in crowded conditions there are additional situations in which to consider wearing a mask. Clearly if you are caring for someone with the virus, wearing a mask can decrease your exposure to the virus that is spread by the airborne droplets ejected from coughing or sneezing. Also for the well being of others, if you’re the individual who is sick with the virus, wearing a mask can help prevent spreading it to others; the person who might catch the virus from you may well just be one of those that is extra susceptible to it’s ravishes.

So, your initial line of protection, stay away from the more risky crowded and confined environments.

For your subsequent line of protection, decide on and make use of a well fitting N95 mask or superior rated respirator while in those riskier situations.

Your final line of protection….Fundamental preventative hygiene. Cleanse your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds under warm running water in advance of consuming or fixing meals, after sneezing or blowing your nose, after using the bathroom, and after all other probable exposures to the virus. When soap and water aren’t on hand, the utilization of an alcohol based hand sanitizer, with an alcohol content greater than 60 percent, can be effective.


Drug Addiction Rehab | Drug Addiction Treatment 

Drug addiction starts when the urge from a certain drug becomes uncontrollable.  There might be a phase where the drug addict denies, even to himself, the fact that he is already a drug addict and refuses to do anything about it. If this happens, the family wouldn’t be able to help him or her since she or he is not helping himself or herself at all. Persistence and love would be the key to bringing the addict around. If the family is slowly making progress in making the member realize the mistake he has done, then the next step would be proceeding with a drug addiction treatment program and drug addiction rehab.

Fortunately there are a lot of Connecticut detox centers. These are private and government rehab programs where both are created to stop and abolish the cycle of drug addiction and substance abuse. The program starts from drug detoxification processes where the remnants or residues of drugs inside the body are removed. Removing the toxins inside the body is done by the process called withdrawal, this means slowly discontinuing the intake of illegal drugs which are addictive until the body itself is reacting to the process.

Discontinuation of substance abuse involves mental and physical aspects of the patient, meaning the body itself is no longer addicted to the substance. Once the patient discontinued the intake of drugs the physical and mental withdrawal follows. The type of withdrawal process varies between different drug rehab programs depending on how much and how long the user has been addicted. It also depends on how much toxin inside the user’s body there is to remove; this also varies on what type of drug is being abused. The common drugs addictions treated are heroin, cocaine, marijuana and alcohol. Detoxification helps the individual forget the urge and hunger with these addictive substances.

Drug detoxification is performed in many different ways depending on the place you want to undergo the treatment process. A simple detox addiction centre can provide an individual treatment to stop their addiction to drugs. Private drug rehabilitation programs offer great success due to their advanced facilities. They offer state of the art facilities with well-trained and experienced medical staff, complete with services like counseling and weekly therapy. Therapies are mandatory to relieve psychological stress of the patient in the withdrawal process.

The best drug detoxification program should cover all aspects of the patient’s drug history, the individual’s withdrawal and the purification of the body from the addictive substances. The main agenda in this process is to detoxify the body from the substance. Without this successful process the body will still crave from the addictive substance. A vital step in a successful rehab is to completely flushing out the addictive substance until the hunger and urge for addictive substance are ceased.

With the help of the person’s family, medical doctors and therapy any individual can now overcome the addiction to any addictive substance. The most important process after the rehab is the acceptance of the family and by helping the patient slowly both in emotional and physical aspects.

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Myths About Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling – There are lots of myths about marriage counseling. We discuss three of the biggest ones, and the truth behind them.

Don’t put off seeking marriage counseling! Many couples in NYC avoid marriage counseling, only to let the marriage deteriorate beyond repair. Marriage counseling can be sought at any stage of a problematic marriage, from the start of troubles right through the decision to divorce.

Yet, misconceptions about marriage counseling are often the reason couples avoid marriage counseling. Here are some common myths, and why they aren’t true.

1. Marriage counseling is for couples only. Not true! Although marriage counseling works best for couples, individual spouses can, and do, seek marriage counseling.

2. Marriage counselors choose sides. There are people who will tell you that marriage counseling isn’t effective because the counselors choose sides. Often, these are the people who didn’t commit fully to the marriage counseling process, or were unwilling to accept culpability in their marital problems.

Marriage counseling is not about pitting one side against another. Marriage counseling is about helping couples work through their problems with the assistance of an objective observer.

3. Marriage counseling is too expensive. Even though any form of effective therapy has a cost, many insurance companies cover the cost of marriage counseling.

Remember, almost any troubled marriage can benefit from marriage counseling NYC therapist. Commit completely to the goal of saving your marriage, and marriage counseling becomes an invaluable tool.


Vitamin D Deficient

We are all certainly deficient in some way, but there are some deficiencies that can be hazardous to your health and your mental well-being. Vitamin D is one of them.

Most of us don’t think much about vitamin D. We figure that if we drink enough milk and get outside once in a while, that our vitamin D should be fine. Unfortunately, particularly as we get older, that may not be enough.

Here are some surprising facts about vitamin D:

  • Most vitamin D that we need is made in the body
  • Vitamin D occurs naturally in very few foods
  • According to the National Center for Health Statistics, as many as 36% of Americans are vitamin D deficient
  • Vitamin D is critical to calcium absorption
  • Vitamin D deficiency in adults can lead to osteoporosis, osteomalacia (softening of the bones), certain cancers, autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular problems
  • Men between 40 and 70 with low levels of vitamin D have higher risk of heart attack (Archives of Internal Medicine)
  • 30%-40% of patients that come to the hospital with a hip fracture are vitamin D deficient

Who is at risk?

  • Older adults, whose skin cannot synthesize vitamin D are efficiently and whose kidneys are less able to convert vitamin D are at risk
  • If you are a strict vegetarian, you may be at risk since you don’t consume the recommended levels of the vitamin over time because most of the natural sources are animal-based (fish, fish oils, egg yolks, cheese, and beef liver)
  • Obese adults. Since vitamin D is extracted from the blood by fat cells, people with a body mass index of 30 or greater often have low blood levels of vitamin D
  • If you have issues with your digestive tract, you may not be able to adequately absorb vitamin D. Medical conditions such as Crohn’s disease, cystic fibrosis, and celiac disease can affect your intestine’s ability to absorb vitamin D from the food you eat.
  • Sunscreens with an SPF of 30 or above prevents you skin from producing vitamin D

What can you do?

If you are worried about your vitamin D level, a simple blood test can determine whether or not there is a problem. If you are over 50, you should have the blood test. If there is, getting out in the sun and drinking fortified milk may not be enough.

For most people over 50, 400 to 600 IU a day is recommended (the average multivitamin contains 400 IU). As you get older you need even more (up to 800 IU for someone over 70). You can’t really take too much (you would have to take 2,000 IU a day for six months to become intoxicated with vitamin D)

A blood test is the only way to test your vitamin D levels and supplements, such as the Liquid Vitamin D3 with K2, are almost the only way to make sure that you are getting enough vitamin D. Don’t underestimate the importance of this simple vitamin to your health.


Important Information About Chlamydia Testing

Chlamydia testing is one of the most important STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) testing since testing is, in most cases, the only way of knowing whether or not a person is infected. Although one of the most easily treatable STDs, Chlamydia is one of the most deadly STDs since it rarely exhibits symptoms, and people do not know about it until it has done much damage in their bodies. This STD is caused by Chlamydia Trachomatis, a tiny bacterium, that is transmitted through sexual acts (oral, vaginal or anal) or from mother to child during birth.

Chlamydia Testing

Testing for Chlamydia is a simple process for both men and women. Unlike other STDs that require hard-to-get samples and extremely complicated technology to test, Chlamydia testing requires only a swab or urine sample. People can get tested for Chlamydia in health clinics or in the comfort of their homes where they can buy the STD home test kits. The test kits for Chlamydia display the results within a few minutes of placing the sample in the required sample equipment.

Why Test for Chlamydia

As aforementioned, Chlamydia rarely exhibits symptoms in both men and women. As such, the Chlamydia infection can spread from the sexual organs to the cervix in women and the testes in men, thereby causing pelvic and epididymis inflammation if it is not treated. Chlamydia is one of the leading causes of infertility in both men and women. Children may contract Chlamydia from their mothers during birth and the infection may damage their eyesight. To prevent the damage that Chlamydia causes, early Chlamydia testing is important. The best news about this STD is the fact that it can be treated with antibiotics.

Chlamydia Symptoms

Chlamydia exhibits mild or no symptoms. The mild symptoms are usually dismissed by most people as they resemble most normal body issues that are triggered by a myriad of mild factors. Lower abdominal pain, slight backache, spotting in between period, slight burning sensation when urinating or vaginal/ penile discharge comprise some of the symptoms of Chlamydia. A person who engages in unprotected sex and suspects the exposure to this STD should take a Chlamydia test to know his/ her status, and seek treatment if s/he needs it. There are STD Tests at home as well.

Testing for Chlamydia should be a priority for sexually active people who engage in unprotected sex since the Chlamydia bacterium is easily transmitted and the STD does not always exhibit symptoms. The good news is that Chlamydia is treatable. If left untreated, Chlamydia can cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) in women and epididymitis in men, which can both lead to infertility. Chlamydia testing can be done at home or at any health facility.


What is a Vegan Lifestyle?

Living a vegan lifestyle takes as much time and effort to achieve as it does to begin a vegan diet. Typically the reasons to go a step further are ethical ones. The belief that humans shouldn’t rely on the suffering of others to prosper is at the basis of the vegan lifestyle. There are Plant Based Meats today which could be used as meat substitute so the transition is easier.

It eases your consciousness knowing that products have a minimal negative effect on innocent beings.

However, switching to a vegan lifestyle involves making changes many people may not be ready for at first. It requires a commitment to not only pay close attention while eating, but while shopping too. Some people may also argue that synthetic products do not last as long as those made with animal products.

The decision to pursue a vegan lifestyle is a personal one, just like making changes to one’s diet. You should never feel guilted into doing something, or let someone imply they are superior because of their choices.

What is right for one person may not be right for everybody.

If you are interested in aligning your shopping style to avoid causing suffering to others, I applaud you. That is a virtuous task, and you will inspire others.

Luckily, with the rising interest in green and vegan products, there are vegan options for almost any product you can think of.

Synthetic leather looks just as nice as real leather, and lasts as long when made by a quality company.

Some research shows that consumption of synthetic products requires fewer resources, and is less taxing on the environment. Considering how easy it is to acquire vegan products, the reward is worth the investment.


What Are The Top 3 Conditions Vitamin C Is Used For?

It was medically proved that Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is very important for our health. It helps our body manufacture collagen that is a protein substance, which forms your connective tissues. There are nature sources of this vitamin like potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, pineapple and tomatoes. Medical researches and tests proved that this vitamin helps to treat some diseases. But please do not forget to contact your physician before you start using this vitamin.
So let’s check the top 3 conditions vitamin C is good for.

1. Vitamin C May Reduce the Risk of Having Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading disease among those that cause death in the USA. The concern to this problem is constantly increasing. In this connection the particular communities are evaluating the important role of diet. Consuming food which is high in antioxidants, like vitamin C, may help decrease the risk for heart diseases. There is also an injectable option and you can find vitamin injections for sale online easily. This vitamin will lower the risk of having stroke or heart attack. It works by protecting your arteries against damage.

2. Vitamin C May Decrease the Risk of Cancer Development

Cancer is characterized by abnormal cells the number of which is increased uncontrolled. Normally the old cells die and new cells are created in our body. But cancer cells avoid this process. In this connection dietary studies are evaluating the vitally important role of diet. Besides, it was scientifically proved that consuming food which is high in vitamin C will help reduce the risk of developing such types of cancers as colon, lung and stomach.

3. Prevents Hypertension

The blood pressure of every person is represented by 2 numbers. Systolic blood pressure, the top number, is a measure of the force applied to your artery walls when your heart contracts. The bottom number, diastolic pressure, measures the force applied when your heart is at rest. High blood pressure is called hypertension. It places stress on your cardiovascular system. Medical researches proved that food which is high in vitamin C may help decrease the risk of developing high blood pressure.


If you are going to increase the vitamin C intake by changing your diet or if you are going to take oral or injectable vitamin C, you should contact your healthcare provider first. It is medically proved that the daily dose of vitamin C from 250 to 500 milligrams may be beneficial for overall health. But please use this vitamin after consulting your physician.


Diet Supplements

If you are one of those people looking for diet supplements for weight loss, chances are you have already found a product for you. With so many manufacturers of weight loss supplements, you would not have a hard time looking for options.

However, the question lies on whether these options are safe for your body and your health as a whole. When choosing dietary supplements for weight loss, it is necessary to ensure that the product would not harm your health. For example, if you are looking for okinawa flat belly tonic, you should first read the okinawa flat belly tonic reviews before you make your decision.

One of the best ways to find out if your choices of dietary supplements are safe is to familiarize yourself with the most common claims of the manufacturers. It is best to determine the common list of ingredients among your choices. The reputation of the manufacturers is also an important factor if you are about to try out a specific product. You should make sure that these manufacturers are true to their words.

For instance, there are some weight loss products that promise phenomenal results in boosting metabolism, burning fats, and suppressing appetite. However, there are also some products that claim far beyond what they can really provide.

For starters, you should remember that diet supplements for weight loss do not work similarly as prescription drugs. Weight reduction pills are milder than prescribed drugs. As such, if your option has ingredients and outcomes that are as strong as prescription drugs, they could also come with powerful or harmful side effects.

In addition, prescription drugs are controlled by the FDA, which means that they are under strict standards. You should always remember that a dietary supplement for weight loss should only help you lose weight and not risk your health to fatal conditions such as heart problems and diabetes.

The next step you should take to ensure you are choosing the safest dietary supplement for weight loss is to familiarize yourself with the ingredients or substances. Make sure not any of the listed ingredients is illegal in your country or state. For instance, in Canada, the United States, and other countries, ephedrine and ephedra are illegal substances, which are banned by the FDA for use in manufacturing diet supplements.

If your choice of product contains these substances, then you should go on to another option. Some diet pills may claim that they have lessened the percentage of these ingredients in their formula; however, just to be safe, it is best to avoid these products altogether.

Finally, it would only take a moment to read product reviews on your preferred diet supplements for weight loss. Many people post their opinions eagerly on different health websites. This way, you may find out the success and failure rates of your chosen product.


What is a cataract?

The lens of a human eye works rather like the lens of a camera. This clear lens helps to focus light onto the retina at the back of the eye to form a sharp image.

A cataract is a cloudiness that develops in the normally clear lens inside the eye. It occurs as a part of the eye’s ageing process – it is not a growth, a white film, or a kind of cancer, nor is it caused by overuse of the eye. An age-related cataract is not something that was absent one day and just appeared the next day – they are caused by the deterioration of the normal protein structure within the lens of the eye as a person ages.

Depending on the size and location of the cloudy areas in the lens, you may not be aware a cataract is developing. As the cataract progresses, you may become aware of one of the following symptoms:

Deterioration of long or short vision, or even both
Hazy or cloudy vision
Decreased night vision
Sensitivity to light or intolerance to glare
Increasing the strength of your glasses no longer gives you clear vision

Who gets cataracts?

Most people with cataracts are healthy and have no other eye disease. Cataracts occur mainly in people over the age of 60 years as part of the normal aging process, but can occur in people as young as 40. The development of cataracts is similar to other age-related changes in the human body, such as hair turning grey, and skin becoming wrinkled. Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in older adults and may affect up to 60% of adults over the age of 65 year as you can read from Ask Corran blog.

The risk of cataract increases as you get older. Other risk factors for cataract include:

Certain diseases such as diabetes.
Smoking and alcohol use.
Prolonged exposure to sunlight

How are cataracts treated?

In the early stages a change in the prescription of your glasses may be enough. However, cataract micro-surgery is the only effective treatment for more advanced cataracts. There is no evidence that a change in diet or medications will stop or slow cataract formation.

Surgery involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with an artificial lens.

A cataract needs to be removed only when vision loss interferes with your everyday activities, such as driving, reading, or watching TV.


Good Oral Hygiene

Taking good care of your oral health will help you to manage your overall health. Problems in the mouth can easily lead to problems in other areas of your body. Not to mention that toothaches and other mouth issues can be very painful, and dental work can be rather expensive if you let the problem persist. So, you should work with your dentist to put together an oral hygiene routine that will help you take care of teeth and mouth healthy. Here is a look at the different components your routine should include.


Every oral health routine needs to include brushing. You should plan to brush twice a day. Brush when you get up and then again before bed. Each session should last for at least two minutes. You should hold your brush at a 45-degree angle to your teeth and make sure you clean all surfaces. You should replace your toothbrush every six months.

Tongue Cleaning

You should do this when you brush. You can just brush your tongue using your toothbrush and some toothpaste. You can also use floss or a tongue scraper to scrape the tongue clean.


You should floss at least once a day. Make sure to get in between every tooth. Guide the floss along your tooth, not the gums to prevent gum damage. Use a clean portion of floss for each tooth.


Use a mouthwash designed to fight cavities to rinse after each time you brush. You should follow the directions on the mouthwash bottle. Typically, you rinse for 30 seconds to one minute. Usually, it is a good idea to not eat or drink anything for a half hour after rinsing.