Rat Exterminator

Don’t believe everything you read on the packs of Rat and Mouse Poison. When the package states in big red letters ”ONCE RATS EAT THE POISON they will go outside in search of water and die”…..nothing could be further from the truth! Rats that have eaten the poison are not guaranteed to go outside and […]

The Need for Reliable and Effective Bedbug Pest Control

Bedbugs can be described as one of the most horrible pests you can share your living space with. They literally feed off your blood as well as that of any animal in the house such as your pets and rodents. Unfortunately, they are very easy to overlook due to their minute size and nocturnal behavior. […]

Job Description: Teacher Assistant

A teacher assistant’s responsibilities can vary greatly. Generally speaking, however, these responsibilities fall into several major categories. Supporting students with special needs Supporting a classroom teacher Monitoring students in particular areas Teaching particular lessons or classes as a supplement to the core curriculum A teaching assistant might primarily work within one of these categories, but […]

Duck Hunting Gear

Weaponry Duck hunting doesn’t require a lot of expensive firepower. A standard twelve gauge is the place most hunters start and many end up (youth and ladies may prefer a 20 gauge). Pump actions are fairly economical and also perform well in the damp and dirty conditions you’ll likely be dealing with. You can of […]