Hyper or Relaxed? Dog Breeds and Temperaments

So you want a dog. Well, not just any dog. A dog that goes with your family and fits into your life. You should be primarily considering dog breeds and temperaments.

Why? Well, the temperament of the dog is a big factor. If you choose a dog that’s not at all aggressive, but you’re looking for a guard dog, you’ve clearly made the wrong choice.

However, that is easily flipped – a naturally aggressive breed wouldn’t be good in an environment where there are young children around. A calmer breed would be better.

When you’re considering the temper of a dog, there are actually several factors you need to look at before you make the ‘leap’ and purchase a dog.

Aggression and Protectiveness: The Difference

Most people think that if a dog is aggressive, he’s protective – but they’re two very, very different things, and should be treated like that.

What’s the difference?

Remember, dog breeds and temperaments go hand in hand. Some dog breeds are naturally aggressive. Basically, they’re going to bark, snarl, and scare anyone. They’re simply not picky, and you certainly don’t want to go anywhere near the food bowl during chow time.

However, a protective dog, such as Cane Corso cannot only be extremely loving to its own, but is defensive if anyone tries to get near those it perceives to be ‘family’.

As an example, a visitor was at a friend’s house. The family consisted of a couple and their very young daughter. The visitor was a family friend, but the dog had never met him before. While the dog allowed the visitor into the home, he wouldn’t let the visitor anywhere near their young child. The dog was very protective, and saw the girl as family – and wanted to ensure she was not harmed.

If you think Cane Corso is for you and your family do your research before getting one. There are reputable Cane Corso Breeders and shady ones. So, always do a background search on the breeder you are interested in.


Many dogs don’t mean to be aggressive, but their energy can often get the best of them. Without an outlet, a dog can easily change from energetic to aggressive. If you’re looking for a less aggressive dog, a lower energy level may be a good indicator.


Do you think that dogs are sensitive? Well, they are! How sensitive your dog is depends on a lot of things, but if your dog is overly sensitive, he’s probably going to be more aggressive.

Changing this can include introducing different things into your home – his main environment – and spending plenty of bonding time with him. The more time that you spend with your dog, the less aggressive he’s going to be.

Other Animals

The real test of aggression is how your dog behaves with other animals, including cats, squirrels, and more. There’s no general indicator, but knowing how he reacts is important.

Until you know for sure, you should always keep your dog on the leash. Taking him out to the park, holding him tight, and seeing how he reacts to others is a good way to know for sure.

No General Indicator…

There’s no stamp of the side of a puppy or dog telling you if he’s aggressive or not. While breed is a good indicator, the only real way of knowing is to take your dog into the ‘field’ and watch how he reacts.

Some breeds are aggressive. While dog breeds and temperaments are usually linked, sometimes individual dogs are aggressive, while overall the breed is not. It all comes down to environment and nurturing. How you raise the dog really makes the difference between an aggressive dog and a calm pooch.


How To Get Rid Of Dog Fleas

The first thing you have got to do is invest in a flea collar. Although these do not work to correct a flea problem they will help to prevent them when used with other preventative measures as well. The best thing about the flea collar dog is that they only cost a few dollars so it is not a big deal that it is only minimally effective.

The next thing that you want to do it gets your pet flea drops. You can buy these both in a department store such as Wal-Mart as well as in prescription strength through a veterinarian. Most likely the drops that you get through a vet will work better but if you cannot afford to go to the vet than the drops in the store are a good alternative. In many cases just a couple drops on the back of the collar area on your pet will keep fleas somewhat at bay for about three months.

You will also want to purchase some sort of flea powder for your furniture and carpets as well. It used to be that these powders didn’t smell very great but they have improved over the years and will definitely help to keep fleas off of your furniture and out of your carpet.

Having a pet can be a lot of work and often very frustrating much like having children. Fleas only add to the frustration so your better off handing the problem before it gets to bad. It will be worth the money you spend.


How do I choose the perfect pet

Of course, finding a truly “perfect” pet would be like finding a truly “perfect” person; no pet is going to be completely without faults of any kind. People who choose a pet based solely on characters from television or the movies are often disappointed.

So are many who choose a pet based on the “love at first site” principle. Its better to think about choosing a pet the way you would think about choosing a roommate, a school, a car, or a house. For any of these situations, you should first consider how long you would have to live with this choice.

Then you should think about the details of what you’re looking for. There are many different types of pets, even among those pets that may look the same. There’s a lot more to a pet than just those irresistible “eyes” — there’s age, size, shape, coat type, activity level, breed traits, and temperament to think about, too. Being selective about what you really want in a pet is very important in making a good choice.

So, you should do some research first when deciding on a perfect family pet…you may even change your mind about what you’re really looking for! Then, consider at least several different sources of pets, and think about the pros and cons of each. Always temperament test any pet you are considering, to be sure you select the pet to fit you. Finally, you should make sure you are prepared for any changes in your lifestyle, and then make the decision. If you make an informed decision, you’re on your way to choosing the perfect pet.


Proper Grooming and Taking Care of a Dog

Among pets, dogs are most preferred by many people. Having a dog at home is like a blessing because they can provide us with fun and entertainment. There are even those who find comfort in the companionship of a dog in difficult times. Dogs become part of the family, and become more like a friend.

Dog care is important, no matter what breed of dog you have. By nature, all dogs need time, affection and love. Only selfish owners live their dogs uncared for, which is not a very good way of treating a pet.

If you’re considering of buying a pet dog, or if you already have one, commitment is one word that you should not forget. If you can’t commit time and love for your dog, you’d be better off without it.

Although taking care of a dog requires work, it usually pays in the end. After a considerable time, you and your dog is sure to have some sort of ‘bonding’, and you’ll be able to do things together and have some fun.

Proper grooming is one way to good dog care. Dogs scratch, lick and shake instinctively to keep their furs clean. Although they can groom themselves, a little human intervention is still needed to keep your dog always clean.

In grooming your dog on a routine basis, you develop a strong bonding with each other, which makes it easier for you to notice slight changes in your dog’s behavior that may be indications of an illness. You should make it a point to look for signs of lumps, irritation, fleas, and painful spots.

If your dog is not used to grooming starting from his ear down to his tail, you can do each task one at a time. After some time, he will get used to it. Give him some treats after every grooming session, especially if he behaved well.

Regular hair brushing will help you remove loose-matted hair for a disease and parasite-free dog skin. Short haired dogs can be groomed once a week, while those with very long hair should be groomed every day. Run your hand down to the dog’s skin and check for fleas or debris. If you suspect a flea infestation, you need to treat it right away. If you find rice-like debris, this is usually an indication of worm infestation. Take your dog to the vet to get proper medication.

Check your dog’s ears weekly. Look inside the ears and see if there are ear mites. Ear mites are coffee ground-like specks, and it is contagious which can cause serious ear inflammation. Have your dog checked by a vet, because other irritations may require different medications.

The nails should also be checked. It can be quite a discomfort for your dogs if they have very long nails. Give your dog a pedicure at least once a month, and make sure that you remove only the very end. If you clipped too far causing it to bleed, apply pressure on the dog’s nail or you dip it in a styptic powder.

Dental problems are not only for humans, even dogs have it. Make sure that you brush your dog everyday using pet toothpaste.

Taking good care of dogs is similar to that of a human being. If you want to know how to properly and safely grooming for your dog at home, you can find the best tips at


Choosing the right name for your dog

The very first thing that you need to remember about choosing names for dogs is that it is not such a good idea to choose any names before you actually have the dog. On the other hand there are people that will keep a puppy for a few days before they decide on names for dogs so that they can get to know the puppy and its personality first. This is a much easier way to choose the perfect name for your puppy and even to see what it will react on. The name that you choose for your dog should also not be something that you will grow tired of calling. Remember it is something that will stay with that dog forever.

Other factors that plays a very important part with the names for dogs is the type of dog that you are getting, the particular size of your dog and then of course the personality of the dog. Remember you do not want the names for dogs that you are choosing now to embarrass you in front of other people. Swear words or something similar surely is not a name that you should call your dog. Not only does it sound ugly it is morally very wrong to do so.

Then of course the other important thing that you should always remember about names for dogs is the actual sex of the dog. Giving a female dog a male dog name or vice versa is certainly not right. You will however find that some of the names for dogs work equally as well for a female dog as it is working for a male dog. If you are thinking about such names you could always search for names under such criteria. You will surely get many suggestions you would like online.

Although the names for dogs that you choose are ultimately your decision it is always wise to have a look at the many suggestions that is available. You never know you might just find something that you really like or even learn something new about unique names for dogs through the suggestions. Perhaps involving your whole family in this decision might also be a good idea as they can come up with something different that you might actually like. Although choosing the correct name for your dog is important it is more important that you look after it well and that the two of you bond nicely.