Cost Friendly and Less labor Intensive Stump Removal Technique

Stump removal is often necessary, it makes the yard look untidy and deciduous trees will continue to re-sprout along the base of the stump. That’s why it is necessary to find a Ulverston stump removal service company. The first activity that you should undertake is to guarantee your safety. Check the utilities damaged by the tree and if any, call your area emergency centre immediately and avoid the area.

However, if the tree has not affected any utility, you can go ahead and start removing the tree. The simplest way is to contact the tree services Ulverston for professional and quick tree trimming. Nevertheless, you should consult with the provider to determine the tree trimming cost and tree stump removal cost as majority of the service providers consider stump removal and tree trimming differently.

Stump Removal

In most occasions, hiring a tree care service would attract a considerable amount of tree removal cost and thus, if possible, it is cost friendly to use other mechanisms. However, you should realize that the other techniques are either slower or labor intensive. For example, undertaking the removal of stump manually is labor intensive and exhaustive while natural degradation of the stump is very slow. Nevertheless, it is actually possible to remove the stump with a less labor-intensive and cost friendly technique but the technique is not ideal for immediate and quick removal.

The most effective technique is to combine both natural decaying process and manual removal technique. In order to use this technique, you will need to have chain saw, garden mulch, high-nitrogen garden fertilizer, plastic tarp, drill, axe and mattock. The technique speeds the natural decaying process of your stump but it is not immediate and hence you should be patient.

Unless you’re coppicing a young tree to thicken it, then you can use these steps below:

Steps in a stump removal procedure

1. Use the chain saw to cut down the stump to the lowest possible levels to the ground. However, when undertaking this procedure you should not allow the chain’s teeth touch the ground to avoid dulling them.

2. Use the widest drill bit to drill holes into the stump on various places. You should note that the wider and deeper holes are the best.

3. Fill the holes with water first and then with fertilizer rich in nitrogen. You can use either commercial fertilizer or the cow manure. When using commercial fertilizer ensure the first number of the fertilizer is very high such as 45-0-0.

4. Saturate the ground around the stump and then use a plastic tarp to cover the stump. The purpose of the tarp is to preserve moisture in and around the stump. Moisture is an essential component in the stump removal process and thus, it is necessary to keep the area moisturized.

5. On top of the tarp, apply an organic mulch and water. The mulch would help in keeping the area more moisturized and hence wetter. Furthermore, wet mulch is bulky and thus, it would weigh down the tarp preventing it from being blown by the wind. You can also add the weight by placing heavy stones on top of the tarp.

6. Be patient. The above process is a natural decaying process, which reduces the wait period considerably but it is not immediate. Furthermore, you can speed up the process by applying industrial decomposing chemicals on the stump removal or use a stump grinder for a chemical-free process.