Crystal or Gemstone for Third Eye Activation

The Third Eye is associated with the brow or ajna chakra. The Third Eye chakra correlates with the pineal gland (and/or the pituitary gland depending on the chakra system). When the Third Eye is activated and flowing with the proper amount of subtle energy, it will literally change the way you view this reality. The Third Eye is a metaphysical beast!

Your Third Eye is responsible for: intuition, dreaming & lucid dreaming, discerning truth from illusion, psychic abilities, decision-making, creativity, Spirit communication, visions, premonitions, remote viewing, astral projection and everything else metaphysical and paranormal that you can think of!

Using crystals and stones is an effective way to open up and activate the Third Eye chakra energy. There are many ways to work with crystals. In this article, techniques and a list of crystals and gemstones, with the capabilities to activate and open your higher chakras, will be outlined. Your upper chakras are the throat – Vishuddha, brow – Ajna Chakra, and crown – Sahasrara.

Most crystals and stones work with multiple chakras creating a primary and secondary influence. Just as important as opening all seven chakras for optimal balance, this also applies to the opening and balancing of the chakras listed above.

How to Use Your Crystal or Gemstone for Third Eye Activation and Opening:

Clear your crystal or stone by emerging it in sea salt overnight. This rids it of previous and stagnated energy.

Charge your crystal or stone with sunlight by placing it in direct sunlight for a few hours (3-5).

Program your crystal or stone by placing your intentions on it. Place the crystal or stone on your Third Eye chakra (1/2 inch above your eyebrow in the middle of your forehead). Mentally or out loud tell the crystal what you want it to do for you. Examples: open my Third Eye, increase my intuition, connect me with my angels, help me recall my dreams, etc. Be creative and believe in yourself, in your intentions, and the crystal or stone’s powers.

Place in a medicine, sack, or crystal bag and carry it on your person.

You may also just keep it in your left pocket (receptive side) by itself or with other crystals or stones.

Other ways to use crystals and gemstones for Third Eye and Spiritual work:

  • wear as pendants, rings, bracelets, and keyrings
  • altar work (place on your altar)
  • placed under a pillow (dream work)
  • meditation
  • chakra balancing
  • spiritual baths
  • placed around the house

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