Curling Wand vs Straightening Iron

Women now have so many choices when it comes to making curls. The curls can be big and loose curls, wavy curls, tight spiral curls or ribbon style curls. There are various methods of curling your hair. The easiest one is to use a curling wand. You can actually save money and time by doing your hair at home and not have to go to a salon. A good curling wand, such as Tresemme curling wand is easily available at an affordable price online and you can fulfill your dream of looking gorgeous with your hair curled. You can find a lot of Tresemme curling wand reviews online to learn more about this wand and to read what other people are saying about it.

There are many benefits of using a curling wand instead of a hair straightener to create curls. The main advantages are that curling wands provide you with more curling technique options, they are easier to use and there is less damage caused when using a curling wand.

Using a curling wand instead of a hair straightener to create gorgeous curls has many advantages but the most important is that there are more styling options with a curling wand. This is because a curling wand works by wrapping a section of hair around the barrel, holding the hair for approximately seven seconds and then releasing the hair which is now a curl. Therefore, you can vary the thickness of the section you curl and also the orientation of the section so the result will vary. For example, a small section of hair will result in a tighter curl; a large section of hair will give a looser curl. A horizontal section that is wide will produce a wavy affect and a section that is narrow but runs vertically will create a ribbon affect if the section is wrapped flat along the barrel. A straightening iron does not allow the use of different thicknesses of sections easily because the hair will not heat up sufficiently if the hair section is large. It is also very difficult to manoeuvre a hair straightener at different angles thus making different shaped curls very difficult. A curling wand also allows you to either keep the section flat against the barrel for a ribbon affect or you can wrap a twisted section around whereas a straightening iron only allows you to keep the hair flat.

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