Different hair mask types

Fresh fruit mask

Make a hair mask made of fruits by simply mixing together yogurt, wheat germ oil, avocado, cantaloupe and banana inside of a blender. Transfer the blended fruit mixture to a bowl and apply the combination to the hair utilizing your hands. And then, grab the shower cap and put it on to cover hair. In case you do not have a shower cap, a towel will also work. Allow the fruit mask stay on the hair for about thirty minutes before you wash it off.

Mayonnaise hair mask

Produce your mayonnaise hair mask by blending together inside the bowl a single raw egg, 4 tablespoons essential olive oil, and 4 tablespoons mayonnaise. Combine the 3 components really well and lather the mixture on your hair. Rather than olive oil, you could also utilize Moroccan oil, that is a great product for providing gorgeous and also healthy hair. Then, apply the pasty combination to the hair, use the shower cap, and allow the combination to be absorbed into hair for roughly 30 minutes.

Natural herb mask

Produce your hair mask produced from natural herbs by mixing together jojoba oil, almond oil, sage and also rosemary in a mixing bowl. Blend all the components really well and transfer the combination into a squeeze bowl. You could also mix honey and cinnamon to make a honey and cinnamon hair mask. Utilize the mixture to your hair from the squeeze container, starting at the roots and working towards the ends of the hair. Then, when the entire oil mixture has been applied to the hair, protect your own head using the shower cap and then leave your hair alone for approximately half an hour before you rinse off the oil mixture.

Rinse off the hair mask from your hair

Once you’ve left the hair mask within your hair for thirty minutes, you can rinse it off. You only require to use regular hair shampoo and cool water to wash and clean your hair. It is essential that you do not utilize hot water, particularly with the egg combination, because this will cook the egg within your hair. Additionally, hot water also causes the hair to get dry, which will eliminate the goal of the hair mask usage.

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