DVD CD duplication Services

DVD Duplication is quite literally burning blank DVD-R media. Companies providing this service have banks of DVD writers linked to enable multiple copies to be burned at the same time at high speeds. This method of DVD copying is very fast which will quite often mean it is possible to get your required quantity completed within 48 hours or less. Printing onto the DVD surface is usually inkjet or digital which again provides a fast turnaround at reasonable quality and likewise any sleeve printing is usually digital, ideal for the lower print run quantities.

Professionally manufactured DVDs that you would expect to buy retail are replicated. This method is far more cost effective for larger volume but also provides genuine guaranteed compatibility for playback across all drives. DVD duplication services can never provide this compatibility guarantee due to a number of possible scenarios. For example, it is not uncommon for a particular DVD drive to simply not read a particular brand of DVD R media. Older drives were not able to read +R as that media was not around initially and therefore drives were not made with that compatibility. Likewise with RW media as this media came later than initial DVD drives.

It is because of these compatibility variances that burned DVDs are not considered as retail quality however this method of DVD duplication still proves useful for many ways. As mentioned, the turnaround times are often very fast where replication due to the requirements of various stages will take considerably longer. If you therefore have an urgent deadline to meet, chances are you will need to have your DVDs duplicated in order to meet your timeline. There are very professional DVD duplication services online that can help you get your duplication done swiftly and with good quality.

It is also not cost effective for replication if low volume is required, say less than five hundred copies. There is far more involved in set up which of course takes time and costs need to be met but because burning DVDs has no initial set up time, there are no initial costs to be met other than the blank media and the time and cost to run. As an average, it calculates lower per disc cost to duplicate up to around three hundred copies before replication of five hundred actually becomes more favorable. This method produces the best results but again due to the process is not cost effective for low volume. Digital print is ideal for lower quantities and used frequently to provide the packaging of burned media.

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