Easy Ways to Reduce Household Electric Use

Can you think of what the number one reason to reduce household electric use might be? You’re smart if you answered that it will save you money. You’re also smart if you answered that it’s good for the earth. Both of these things are true and both are good reasons to start cutting back on energy use in your home.

Here are some easy ways that you can reduce your household energy use:

Make the move to energy-efficient light bulbs. These light bulbs use approximately two thirds less energy than standard light bulbs do. Each energy-efficient bulb saves you about $30 over the lifetime of the bulb when compared to a normal light bulb.

Switch over to Energy Star appliances. These appliances have been certified as low-waste products. They save you a significant amount of money each month by reducing your energy waste in the home.

Weatherize your home. One of the biggest wastes in the home is the release of a home’s heat through poor insulation. Make sure that your windows are sealed, your floors have rugs on them and there are no gaps around your doors.

Replace showerheads and faucets with low-flow designs. You might think that this is designed to save water. However it also saves energy because it reduces the waste of energy used to heat water as described on DesignLike blog.

Get comfortable being a little bit colder. Turn your thermostat down a few degrees, put on a sweater and watch your savings add up.

Turn everything off in your home when it’s not in use. Try to use things (like the TV) less and instead enjoy non-electric activities like reading, playing board games and having long conversations.

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