Expressive Burial Urns

Burial urns can be a work of art, and can better express the spirit and personality of a loved one who has passed better than any words you could ever say. Often, grief and emotions run high, and finding the perfect words seems impossible. Burial urns can actually be unique art pieces that portray the deceased with love and express their true soul and spirit.

Often when someone truly close to us passes on, we wish to celebrate their life and spirit in a way that is truly meaningful. While traditional burial is common, it cannot touch the souls and hearts of the ones left behind like cremation often does. When your loved one is cremated, their soul, spirit and physical body are once again ashes and dust, just as they began their life. Burial urns contain these remains, and can be buried under the ground or kept by the remaining loved ones as a constant remembrance.

Life is to be honored and celebrated, even when it is gone. The art and craftsmanship involved in the creation of many burial urns often has the unique power to unite, heal and express feelings that are unable to be expressed fully by those of us left behind. There are different types of urns to choose from, such as motorcycle urns, military urns, natural urns and much more. Cremation is a rapidly growing and popular ritual in recent times, not only because of cost concerns, but largely because there are so many ways to memorialize a loved one that truly express who they were, what they represented, and that their spirit is truly free now.

For thousands of years, cremation has been an accepted practice by many. However, many religions had problems with this practice due to their beliefs that the body should remain intact so that it unites with the soul at a certain point in time. It seemed that a traditional casket burial was the only choice, and that cremation was somehow degrading to the deceased, or decreased their worth. In reality, the outer body is just a “shell” that contains the soul and spirit, so cremation is actually a very natural process. Many burial urns are biodegradable, so in time become one with the earth. This is very powerful and meaningful to many people.

Burial urns also allow two loved ones to be buried together – also known as companion urns. In unimaginable and tragic circumstances, you may lose more than one loved one. In the case of siblings or a mother and father, this is truly comforting and meaningful, knowing that they can be together eternally. Rather than having two caskets buried in two separate plots, burial urns allow your loved ones remain united in spirit and soul as one. Your options for creating a custom urn for the passed are great and with a little research you can find something that fits your needs and their personalities.

At one of the most difficult times in your life, burial urns can be the best way to express what words often cannot say.

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