Factors For Deciding On An Inground Swimming Pool

The decision to have an inground swimming pool designed and installed is not a small decision or small commitment. An inground pool requires excavation, plumbing and then building of a pool, or placement of a pre-made pool. After the pool is installed and all the equipment is installed there are additional costs for maintenance.

To keep your pool and equipment from needing costly repairs and replacement, you need to maintain an inground pool with regularity. This includes cleaning of the pool, care of the equipment and maintaining a proper chemical balance in the pool. All of these factors need to be considered in planning your swimming pool and budgeting to maintain it. While any pool contractor would be happy to sell you an inground swimming pool you can and will be very unhappy if you do not consider all of the costs of a pool, both in time and in money.

Swimming Pool Design and Equipment Are Crucial

The bid cost of installation of an inground swimming pool may not cover all items needed for a complete and running pool. Make sure that the pool builders you choose have a good reputation and that you verify that the cost is reasonable by taking competitive bids. Make sure that all the bids include the same items. In other words, make sure you are comparing “apples to apples.”

A comprehensive pool bid should include design, permits, excavation, plumbing, electrical and construction of the pool and installation of all its equipment. If the pool design also includes a hot tub section, there are additional requirements to that portion. Ask your contractor specific questions to verify that you will have a complete and functioning inground swimming pool when his contract is completed.

The inground swimming pool equipment, including electrical and plumbing, needs to be high quality. Verify what equipment will be used in your pool and do research on the products. Check their warranty lengths and coverages to verify what you will be required to expend in the event of a problem. Also verify that the pool contractor will warranty his pool, and for what length of time.

Pool Maintenance Is A Daily Matter

The maintenance of an inground swimming pool is a daily matter. You need to be careful, as the incorrect use of chemicals can destroy the equipment, electrical and plumbing, and could void your warranties. A pool cleaner than can be set on a timer is an excellent investment and can go quite far in keeping your personal work time in your pool to a minimum. If you do not want to maintain your chemicals, you can find and employ a local pool maintenance company to keep the pool in good condition.

In addition to daily maintenance, an inground pool needs to be properly “opened” in the spring and “closed” in the winter to prevent damage to the pool surfaces and equipment. In the spring this may involve removing swimming pool covers or cleaning out debris that has collected in the pool over the winter, shocking the pool to maintain the proper chemical balance as the water temperature warms and giving the pump and filter a good checkup before the intense activity of swimming season. In the fall, pool covers may go back on, chemical levels should be monitored as the temperatures cool and evaporation decreases and the equipment should be “winterized” to protect it from freezing temperatures.

You want the most out of your new inground swimming pool. To get that you need to care for your pool consistently.

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