Family Portrait Photographer

Family images are those magic moments that become more important and valuable with each passing day. Creating fantastic family portraits require several steps, few of them are mentioned below.


In every family photo session, the members are considered the most important aspect of the image. The family portrait photographer has so many possibilities of placing the members in the images and giving appropriate thought to the background and foreground, both. But, overall it’s the members of the family who should dominate the image.


There should be a control over the clothing choice of everyone in the family photo. It is recommended to stay away from bolds, stripes and polka-dots. Go for solid colors. Everyone should follow the same clothing trend either formal or casual. Dark clothes tend to make you look slimmer whereas brighter or whiter clothes tend to make you look big. Another important thing to consider is the necklines of the members. People with round faces look better with showing their necklines whereas long faces look better with fewer necklines.


Capture images in such a way that they reflect importance, significance and meaning. There are various ways to capture a family together, especially in Waikiki, for instance, a traditional pose of the members in front of the house, next to the fireplace or sitting on the staircase; non-traditional poses include capturing the members of the family in a candid way – doing something that they love doing together, it could be anything from sailing a boat, playing cards or playing golf. If you have planned to shoot indoor, be very careful with the choice of the walls, the room where you gather everyone and odd angles that might be distracting.


The intimacy of the subjects is interpreted from their closeness. Either everyone should be spaced apart or brought together. The intimacy can be reflected at its best when there is absolutely no space between the members of the family. Your family portrait Waikiki photographers will take multiple images of the same pose.

If you are being photographed in a huge group, especially the one having small children, it is important to take things easy. The parents should be looking at the camera instead of looking at the kids. Let the kids enjoy being kids. You can grab their attention by being funny and crazy, not by being demanding or strict. Having fun will allow you to loosen up the environment and being more comfortable in your family portrait photo session.

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