Filing a Patent

Only invention doesn’t mean that it is qualified for filing patent invention. The invention should be useful, original, unique and of great design. Before going for a patent filing, it is required to make sure that the invention is qualified enough to obtain a patent.

After identify the type of patent, it’s time to fill the patent application form. This process requires a patent attorney to support in the application process. The patent attorney can fill and answer any questions related with the invention on behalf of the inventor. The filing process includes the details of the invention, how it actually works, designs and so on. Patent attorney can successfully respond to the entire patent application requirement by applying the knowledge of patent law.

Once done, it is required to check and verify the information filled in the patent application. It is required to ensure that correct invention description, functions, and advantages are filled in the patent application form. The name of inventor/inventors along with the invention name should be communicated in the patent application form. You can find detailed explanation on

The next should be followed by filing the patent application form. The application of patent can be filed in two ways. One is called the manual filing and the other is the electronic filing. Manual filing is submitting of the patent application form directly in the patent office. All the three types of patents can be filed by using the manual filing system.

Filing a patent requires fees. The fee structure depends on the type of petition and the time of filing the patent application. More fees are charged for quick processing of the patent application form as written in this post on

The submitted form reaches the patent examiner. The patent will be approved or denied as per the examination of the patent examiner. If the patent is approved, the patent filer will receive the patent approval letter from the patent office. The patent processing requires more than a year. To get a patent, it is necessary to file for one that is original, productive and something new and unique.

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