Get a Patent?

To get a patent in the United States, a patent application must be filed with the Patent and Trademark Office. The application should be filed within a year of a description of the invention published or publicly disclosed. The grant of a property right to the investors by the sovereign government automatically gives the right to the investors to exclude others from making, using, offering or selling the idea or the invention in the United States as stated on

Depending upon the nature of your invention you can choose to file utility application, design patent application and a plant patent application electronically. It can be done using EFS-Web, the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) electronic filing system.

The entire process of obtaining a patent in the United States usually takes 18 to 24 months as it depends on how well the inventor does in describing the invention in writing. Since, the entire process becomes bit expensive, so the inventors need to plan out a budget between$ 10 K and $25 K for obtaining a patent in the U.S. The maintenance fees and foreign filing fees are required to be paid separately as shown on

To carry out the entire process legally, patent attorney or an agent having licenses to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office can be hired. US Patent attorneys hold specialized qualifications necessary for representing clients in obtaining patents. The attorney can draft a patent application and assist the inventor during the patent prosecution process. The selection of a highly qualified attorney tends to make the entire legal procedure easier and faster as they could perform all sorts of legal work including filing an opposition.

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