Hard truck tonneau covers offer more security

Hard truck bed covers turn a truck bed into a vault, securing cargo from the roughest weather and all but the most determined thieves. Plus the right cover transforms the look of a truck to a finished custom machine. But you get to choose from several hard cover designs too.

One cover folds forward in sections so you can access any part of the bed, but still lock the bed tight when the cover is forward. Then the retractable tonneau cover may be your top choice as explained and reviewed on https://truckcoverexpert.com/best-retractable-tonneau-covers/.  Just roll the metal cover forward into a tube cover and your bed is completely open or roll the cover back and lock the bed up tight. Even get a powered cover that opens and closes with a touch of a button.

Maybe the most popular hard cover is the tilt forward model. One piece and hinged at the front, the tilt cover turns the bed into a big trunk. Watch for this though. A tilt tonneau cover isn’t much good for hauling tall cargo. Even a lawn mower or a dog house is tall enough so the lid won’t shut. Will that work for the way you haul with your truck? The tilting hard cover makes a great giant trunk. Just make sure you can haul what you want to with the trunk closed.

Want a cheap tonneau cover? A soft cover may be the best choice. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it won’t be just what you need and want. For more security from weather and prying eyes, step up to the hard cover with the retractable tonneau cover as the real luxury choice.