Herniated Disc Pain Causes

Herniated Disc In Neck fct

There are many herniated disc causes. It usually happens due to a continuous and harsh effort that your back spine had to sustain, or the disc might wear and tear (disc degeneration). The older we grow, less fluid liquid will be there on our spine helping to absorb impacts and prevent injuries.

Herniated Disc In Neck fct

Also, bad injuries may cause tiny tears or cracks in the surrounding layer of the disc. This will then, force the liquid that was once there to fluid and be forced out through these cracks in the capsule leaving you with a buldging disc in neck.

Herniated Disk Neck Symptoms

There are some herniated disc symptoms that you should watch out for. A herniated disc in the neck might cause discomfort and pain that will be felt all through your body. So, sometimes you might be feeling a weakness in your shoulder due to this bulging disc. How much pain will vary from person to person, but you should definitely try to identify it as soon as possible so you can prevent further agonizing pain later. There are many patients that could not sleep for almost a year due to a herniated disk. When asked why didn’t they came before, the answer usually sounds something like “I wasn’t sure what was going on.” So make sure you try to identify it as soon as possible since that will help you preventing it.

A herniated disc or a bulging disc might be diagnosed with some tests like X-Ray, resonance imaging (MRI) or a computer tomography. A doctor will usually be able to identify it just by listening to you talking about your symptoms and a quick physical examination. So, if you are already feeling pains in your body, make sure you make an appointment with your doctor to check you out for a herniated disc in neck.

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