Hire a Capable Residential Mover Service

Moving to someplace new definitely marks a new stage in anyone’s life. If you’re facing a move yourself, you definitely have to practice the right methods in order to make it less of a hassle on your part. Since moving in Las Vegas is a particularly stressful chore to undergo, you’ve got to stick to certain procedures so that everything gets done quickly and efficiently. These procedures definitely include the act of packing your things, so make sure to follow these helpful tips. For added efficiency, you may also need to hire a reliable Las Vegas packing service to assist you.


If you’re hauling electronics along with your other stuff, be sure to snap a photo of its connections, so that you know where everything goes once you unpack. For the packing itself, make sure fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap or any other protective layer, then enclosed in thick, secure boxes. Consult with your movers about it.

Personal Items

For clothing and all your other personal belongings, be sure to pack them in boxes grouped according to where they belong in the house. Remember to label those boxes as well, so you don’t have to rummage through them once you unpack.

Essentials and Toiletries

Pack toiletries and other essentials in a small bag, and make sure to bring them with you in your car and not on the movers’ vehicle. That way, they’re just within your reach in case nature calls while on your drive.

Furniture and Wares

Any breakable items can be stored within your cabinets and other furniture compartments. Be sure they’re wrapped in protective layers of newsprint or bubble wrap. No matter how bumpy the ride, they’ll be in mint condition once you unpack. A reliable Las Vegas moving and packing service, such as 87 Movers, should be able to handle these big-ticket items carefully for your convenience.

If you’re looking for a company to trust for efficient packing and moving in Las Vegas, 87 Movers Las Vegas are the team to call.

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