How do I choose the perfect pet

Of course, finding a truly “perfect” pet would be like finding a truly “perfect” person; no pet is going to be completely without faults of any kind. People who choose a pet based solely on characters from television or the movies are often disappointed.

So are many who choose a pet based on the “love at first site” principle. Its better to think about choosing a pet the way you would think about choosing a roommate, a school, a car, or a house. For any of these situations, you should first consider how long you would have to live with this choice.

Then you should think about the details of what you’re looking for. There are many different types of pets, even among those pets that may look the same. There’s a lot more to a pet than just those irresistible “eyes” — there’s age, size, shape, coat type, activity level, breed traits, and temperament to think about, too. Being selective about what you really want in a pet is very important in making a good choice.

So, you should do some research first when deciding on a perfect family pet…you may even change your mind about what you’re really looking for! Then, consider at least several different sources of pets, and think about the pros and cons of each. Always temperament test any pet you are considering, to be sure you select the pet to fit you. Finally, you should make sure you are prepared for any changes in your lifestyle, and then make the decision. If you make an informed decision, you’re on your way to choosing the perfect pet.

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