How is a road built?

The surface of a road should not be sliding because the tires are seized but. It must be clean and uniform.

The texture necessary to prevent slippage is communicated to the surface at the time of its construction. If the surface becomes too smooth due to use, with several treatments its primitive texture is regenerated.

Flexible roads carry a layer of asphalt or “macadam” (tarmac). Asphalt is prepared with relatively large stones, embedded in tar.

The “macadam” is made with smaller stones, in contact with each other and attached to the road by a layer of tar. Although the “macadam” is cheaper, the elastic resistance of the asphalt adds to the total resistance of the road. On the other hand, asphalt is more water resistant. A careful investigation of the smallest details improves the quality of road surfaces. The choice of stone to use is very important. Certain types of stone wear easily and do not provide a good grip on the surface.

The correct tar thickness is also very important: if it is small, the surface stones soon separate; if it is too large, the surface is sticky in summer. Ice on roads is a very dangerous threat, mainly in sharp bends and slopes. Those places that represent an excessive danger can be heated in winter, to prevent ice from forming on its surface. For this, an electrical resistance network is available at its base, which works by automatic methods.

Once we have the materials ready, a special vehicle distributes the concrete over the metal mesh structures, just after another machine will slowly pass over eliminating lumps and water pockets that are produced in the concrete, leaving it well leveled while it hardens.

In any case, this smoothing work will be completed manually by the road operators. To avoid the slippage that we have mentioned before, the road surface is scratched with a rake creating grooves that will give the tires an extra grip. Once this is done, simply apply asphalt layers as necessary.

In India, IRB Infrastructure with Virendra Mhaiskar as their chairman is the leading road construction company that uses the latest road building technology and machinery. They are building some of the most modern roads and highways in the world.

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