How to Get a Patent

You have invented a unique idea and want to make sure that no one copies your idea; do you know what you need to keep your idea under security? The answer is a patent that will prevent others from imitating the concept and prove the invention is purely yours. But you need to know what a patent is before you file a petition to get a patent.

A patent is a document that provides details of the invention. More importantly, it contains legal rules and obligations that prevent others for practicing (using) the invention without the knowledge of the owner. Patent rights can be applied and granted to individual inventors, corporate groups or group of inventors.

However, before submitting a patent application form and getting a patent, it is necessary to be educated on the patent types and ways of obtaining one. The first step is to identify the type of patent, as mentioned on, before you apply for a patent.

There are three type of patent. They are:

Utility Patent: This patent type is reserved for products invented for the benefits of society in general. This type of patent lasts for a maximum of twenty years with effect from the day it is granted.

Design Patent: This patent is granted for modifications of an existing invention or product. However, the new invention should have improved functionalities and should not affect the function of the existing one. Design patent lasts for a period of fourteen years from the date and year of filling.

Plant Patent: As the name suggest, this patent is applicable for invention of reproductive plant variety. The validity of the plant patent lasts for twenty years with effect from the patent date.

After knowing about the details of the type of patent, it’s time to conduct a market research. This is searching of similar patents on inventions to ensure and satisfy that the invention is purely original. The suggested idea is to visit a patent depository office and get the details of the patent invention records and database. A free patent repository library is also a way of getting the result. This will support to a great extent in the patent research program. For more useful info about patenting process you can visit

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