How to Regrout Shower Tiles

Most times, bathroom might seem dirty and unappealing because the grout lines in the tile shower becomes moldy and discolored. There are some homeowners who don’t take missing and mold grout seriously, but this should not be the case especially when it is found in the shower area, because the water will seep into the walls and form mold in other rooms. If you want to fix this problem, rergrouting shower tile will be the best solution and the first step to get rid of all the outdated moldy and dirty grout.

Why you need to fix this problem

As time passes water is going to escape throughout the damaged grout and then start to accumulate in the walls. Ultimately mildew and mold will develop inside your walls and after that may start eating away the wall joists, which can result in severe problems. Furthermore moldy walls could bring in termites and ants into the house leading to more structural damages.

Here is how to fix this problem

The easiest way to stop your tile shower from getting shoddy and cause unnecessary damage to the house is to remove and then replace the existing grout between the shower tiles. Even though, the task of regrouting tiles can be difficult this is something that can be easily carried out by industrious homeowners who love do-it-yourself projects. Or you could simply hire the professionals like the Bathroom Surgeon to make your bathroom shine again.

You can do this by using a basic old razor tool, which can easily scrape off and eradicate all of the unwanted caulking that it possible can. It is also possible to use isopropyl alcohol and this will help to remove the existing grout while cleansing the tile surface.

Once you have extracted all of the unwanted caulking after that it’s time to eliminate the grout. This needs to be removed no less than one-eighth of an inch in depth, because enough space is required for the new grout to set firmly to the base. You should never try to apply the new grout on the damaged grout.

Please do not try to utilize any kind of carbide or any other solution of this kind to get rid of the existing grout. As recommended before a razor type device will be enough for this job and will help you to effectively remove grout in all areas, even those hard to reach spots.
Ensure that all the grout lines are cleaned out properly. In the end, you really don’t want to find loose grout inside the lines and this will also help you to get a better looking bathroom shower.

Keep in mind that getting rid of the grout inside a shower area could become tiring on the arms and hands, especially for men and women who are not accustomed to carrying out home improvement projects. So, if you want the removal process before regrouting can be done in parts over a few days.