How to Remodel the Bathroom of Your Offices

If you want your office bathroom to be remodeled so that it looks new, you first need to assess what will change and what will stay the same. After you have decided, you should start by taking out all of the fixtures that need to go. You can use a sledgehammer to knock down shelves. You can unhook the sink and dispose of it.

Make sure that the water is off during this process. You can even use the sledgehammer to break the drywall if you want to put up new walls. Contact a professional Office Renovation Singapore company to hire them to do the work.

Getting Permits for an Office Renovation Project

An office renovation project can be something you have been considering for a while. The thing you need to know however is who is going to get the permits in order for it to happen. The person that is ultimately responsible for making the project go, will be the general contractor who is redoing the office.

These people will not only secure all permits, but they will also make sure that all inspections are scheduled and that they are passed. The general contractor in essence will be overseeing the office renovation project from beginning to end so you can move into your new office

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