How to Write an Advertisement for Your Business

The test of a good ad lies in its simplicity and ability to attract attention. Some of the most memorable punch lines and jingles are simple and easy to remember. Although the copy can be in colloquial English, depending on the product, proofreading is still important and ad copy should be treated like any other business writing.

You need to think from your potential customer’s perspective to ensure a positive response. For instance, if your product is targeted towards the youth it should use phrases or words they can identify with.

Before designing any ad one must carry out market research even if it is on a small scale. This will give you a market perspective and, in many cases, ideas may help you design your ad campaign.

You have to tell your audience why your product is better than other products, and hence your copy should highlight what you do differently.

An interesting catch line can do wonders but make sure that you have used a grammar checker on it because this will be the brand association you take to the market.

Give your ad copy a different spin by highlighting something that is not obvious. For instance, if your product is user friendly and easy to use you can highlight the fact that one can save a lot of time by using it.

Even in an industry specific set-up don’t use jargon or complicated language. Finally step back and view your copy from an outsider’s perspective. Being too close and familiar to the product can hamper your creativity.