Leggings For Workout

Leggings are fantastic for a wide variety of workouts. Of course, the term “leggings” is less than specific when it comes to workout clothes. Some resources will tell you that leggings are only lycra tights, while others consider leggings to be any kind of pants with a reasonably close fit.

We’re not particular. We’ll go with the most generous resources, and say that Leggings are basically any full length garment for your legs that has a close fit, whether or not they’re tights. Leggings make for terrific workout clothes for any activity, but we especially love them for yoga.

Yoga and Leggings

The wonderful thing about leggings as workout clothes for yoga is that they allow you to see the shape of your body. Any good yoga resource will tell you that yoga is all about getting in tune with your body. But how can you be in tune with a body you can’t even see? Unlike giant floppy sweatpants, quality leggings, such as the Glyder Leggings allow you to look closely at what your legs are doing, and how close they are to successfully getting into any given pose.

Another boon about leggings in yoga is the ease of movement they provide. Good leggings fit like a second skin, and don’t impair or impede your movement in any way. This is terrific for any workout, but it’s especially important in yoga, where range of motion is the key. So when you find a good resource for leggings, hold onto it. If you’re like us, you’ll be going back to buy more of these clothes again and again.