Maintain Your Lawn With Care

Are you a homeowner in Bullard TX? Are you jealous of your neighbor’s lush, green, rolling lawn because your lawn looks anorexic and in desperate need of emergency care?

If brown spots on your lawn look like a dragon spat all over it or even if it just looks a little lethargic and weedy, then you should consult with professional lawn care service near Bullard TX to help you have a great looking lawn.

If you want to try to do something yourself here are some very simple and quick yet effective lawn care tips and other guides so that you too, can have that deep green healthy and lush lawn.

The very first tip I’d like to discuss is also one of the most important lawn care maintance tips there is – WATER! Other than air to breathe, most life on this plant depends on water more than anything else there is. Water is essential for life. Without it, sooner or later we and everything else will perish. The trick to Water is to get just the right amount of water at just the right time. This is especially important when discussing that all important lawn growing in the front of your yard for all to see. If you want your lawn to grow into the thick, soft, deep green carpet that I think you do, then you must know how to water your lawn properly.

Many people have their own secret little formulas for watering their lawns. A lot of people spend a little time everyday watering their lawns. Proudly, they water their green carpet of grass for a few minutes and continue to do so everyday. They may use different methods like watering their lawns by hand with the garden hose or by using a sprinkler and run it for about ten or fifteen minutes. They even revel in their knowledge on lawn care and tell others how to do it. Well, Bravo, I say. Congratulations. I wish you well and goo luck with your lawn. However, there’s more to it than that.

Both of these watering methods only saturates the surface of the soil. In order for the roots to absorb the moisture it needs, it must follow the water. If the water isn’t penetrating deep into the soil enabling its roots to dig downward, they will stay near the surface. To help your grass develop vigorous, healthy roots, you should water your lawn deeply several times a week instead. The goal here is to soak the soil below where the root level of your lawn is. Once this is achieved, the root system can grow downwards as it should. If you aren’t sure if you are watering your lawn deeply enough, place a rain gauge in the area being watered and check to see if it catches at least an inch of water by the end of the watering session.

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