Moving Companies / Moving Services

An Interstate or long distance move takes you from your home state to a destination outside your home state and is based upon the weight of your inventory, the number of miles traveled and any additional services you might require (auto transport, storage, etc.).

An intrastate (local) move will move you within the same state. They are state regulated and are generally calculated by hour and manpower needed to move your inventory, and is normally within a 100-mile radius.

Once you have decided what type of move you are going to use, take the time and research the Internet. There are special Internet sites that will send your inquiry to many local movers. You will also find that a lot of the Auslandsumzug companies have online quotes. Just fill in your household items and submit it. They will send you several quotes. While it is a bother, it is a good thing! The more information you have the better deal you can get.

If you come up with an estimate and it is over 8400 lbs. or 1200 cubic feet, house movers recommend you set up an in home estimate prior to signing a contract. Whatever charges you discuss, be sure they are all in your estimate and that they are binding. This will insure that your costs do not increase after you sign your contract.

Unlike interstate moving services which pack your whole home, you pick and choose what you want them to handle. Are you going to pack or will they; will you pack some boxes and the movers pack others; will they unpack any items upon arrival to your new location. How many drop-off points will you have? You will get a better idea of how much you will spend, if you give lots of details.