Moving House Tips

Moving your house in Austria can be tedious work, even if you are moving for a good reason.

So, lets list the things you should consider when moving in Vienna or Austria:

You Will Need A Lot Of Boxes

You are going to need a lot of boxes, and boxes with different sizes and shapes. If you didn’t decide to move in the last minute, evaluating the number and sizes of boxes you will need ahead of the time will be a great help. As a basic tip, you will need smaller boxes for heavy items, and bigger ones for lighter items. The reason is if you load heavy items in big boxes, the box may become too heavy to handle and can be easily dropped.

Also, as a precaution you should tape the bottom of every box to prevent the bottom from dropping. It would also be a good idea to place the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter ones on the top; otherwise the heavier items could crush or break the fragile and lighter stuff beneath them. You should also make sure to mark each box and indicate the contents and destination of each box to ensure that they are handled and carried correctly, and delivered to the right spot in your new house.

Moving House Tips: Pets and Plants

You need to be especially cautious if you’re moving pets and plants. Certain plants are subject to restrictions in many states as any bug or pests brought with them can be devastating for local crops. It is always a good idea to check with the professionals before moving your plants. This way you can easily prevent any problems, and move your beloved pets and plants safely to your new house.

Moving House Tips: Valuables

You must also be careful about moving valuable possessions. These things will be very “valuable” not because they cost a lot in terms of money, but because they can be irreplaceable. You should personally carry anything like check books, personal papers, cell phones, keys, etc. Never let the movers carry them. Some broken dishes or lost blankets may not be a problem, but a lost check book can give you a lot of headache. This is perhaps one of the most important moving house tips we can give you.

Hiring local Umzugsfirma Wien can be a very good idea as moving your house on your own is never an easy task. You can have your friends or family help you, but it will be a lot of work for everyone, and since none of them will be professional, you can get a lot of things done wrong, causing more headaches than it’s worth. Doing or getting stuff for free looks like a good idea, but most of the time the effort and time you will spend and the problems you will face will make you wish you hire someone professional for the job.

The advantage of local Vienna movers over national movers is that those big companies mostly charge a lot more, and you get very little extra help to justify the hefty price difference you’ll be paying. Any local mover who knows what they are doing will be more than enough to move your house in an organized and problem-free manner. They can also be a lot more flexible than those corporate types as they are bound with much less “company policies”. If you manage to get a friendly vibe with the helpers, they can even give you a hand beyond the call of duty, if you know what I mean.

Local Movers Can Help With Various Tasks

You can hire local movers for various tasks like loading, loading and unloading and truck driving. If you rent a moving truck and are willing and able to drive it yourself, you can hire them only for loading and unloading. If you don’t want to drive, they can load, drive the truck and unload for you. However, if you are moving to a certain distance like another city or state, you may need to hire two local movers; one for loading, and one for unloading at your new house. As their prices are mostly much more affordable than bigger companies, hiring two wouldn’t cost a lot of money. Just make sure that the movers you choose are licensed and insured to stay on the safe side when moving your valued possessions.

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