Myths About Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling – There are lots of myths about marriage counseling. We discuss three of the biggest ones, and the truth behind them.

Don’t put off seeking marriage counseling! Many couples in NYC avoid marriage counseling, only to let the marriage deteriorate beyond repair. Marriage counseling can be sought at any stage of a problematic marriage, from the start of troubles right through the decision to divorce.

Yet, misconceptions about marriage counseling are often the reason couples avoid marriage counseling. Here are some common myths, and why they aren’t true.

1. Marriage counseling is for couples only. Not true! Although marriage counseling works best for couples, individual spouses can, and do, seek marriage counseling.

2. Marriage counselors choose sides. There are people who will tell you that marriage counseling isn’t effective because the counselors choose sides. Often, these are the people who didn’t commit fully to the marriage counseling process, or were unwilling to accept culpability in their marital problems.

Marriage counseling is not about pitting one side against another. Marriage counseling is about helping couples work through their problems with the assistance of an objective observer.

3. Marriage counseling is too expensive. Even though any form of effective therapy has a cost, many insurance companies cover the cost of marriage counseling.

Remember, almost any troubled marriage can benefit from marriage counseling NYC therapist. Commit completely to the goal of saving your marriage, and marriage counseling becomes an invaluable tool.