Obtaining the Right to an Invention

Inventors are people who study the world around them and take stock of what works well, and what could possibly be improved. Then they roll up their shirtsleeves, so to speak, and go to work. Whether directly or indirectly, each of us benefits from such efforts.

The invention is the solution to a specific problem related to a product or method in the field of technology.

The concept of “invention” forms the basis of patent law. New methods or new products proposed to bring a new technical solution to a problem or to perform a job can also be defined as inventions. It is protected by giving a patent or utility model certificate in order to encourage the discovery activity and to ensure technical, economic and social progress through its application in industry as discussed on https://usa.inquirer.net/56347/everything-you-need-to-know-to-be-a-successful-inventor.

What is a Patent?

A patent is an official document that gives the product or inventor privileges in the fields of sale, marketing, reproduction, and the production of a similar product invented. Patenting criteria; innovation is to overcome the known state of the technique and to be applicable to industry.

The patent right is a monopoly right that restricts the right of others to produce, market and sell the subject technology for 7 or 20 years. In obtaining this right, the inventor; It informs the public patent institution in the country where it is requested to protect all the information regarding its invention.

Patents create rights for the countries from which they are obtained. He received a patent in USA, providing only have rights in the territory of US. In this case the rights of others to import patented products to US, gives the right to stop imports to the rightful owner.

What is a Utility Model?

It is a document that provides the right to produce and market the product according to the invention for a period of 10 years, which can be granted for all products that meet the innovation and applicability criteria of the patentability criteria, excluding chemicals and production methods as described in https://www.hometownstation.com/santa-clarita-news/use-inventhelp-to-kick-start-your-career-as-an-inventor-today-335441 article.

It is a system that can be recommended domestically, especially for our SMEs and inventors who want to achieve less cost protection for the new products they have developed.

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