PaintBall Attire

When dressing for paintball, there is more to consider than just how you look. You must also consider safety and comfort.

A paintball mask is necessary. Some people choose to wear goggles, without a mask. This is not recommended. You should wear a mask that provides protection for your face and head, as well as your eyes. Many good masks also have earflaps to protect your ears.

The more you cover yourself while playing paintball, the less likely you will be to get hurt. You should wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. You will want the clothing to be loose enough to allow you to squat, roll, bend, etc. However, you need to make sure the clothing is not so loose that it is falling off, causing you to trip, or otherwise getting in your way. Baggy clothing helps to cushion your body. You may also consider layering your clothing, by wearing leggings or long underwear underneath as explained on

Try to choose colors that blend in well with the environment you will be playing in. For instance, you may want to wear the green colored camouflage for playing in the woods, or the tan colored camouflage if playing in a sand colored environment. If you do not have camouflage, or do not wish to wear it, try to choose black or brown clothing for playing in the woods.

Wear old shoes, of good quality. They will get very dirty. High-tops are a good idea for paintball, as they will offer protection for your ankles. You will want non-skid shoes with good traction. You may need to use paint or shoe polish to darken your shoes.

You should invest in padding for your body. This includes vests, elbow pads, kneepads, shin guards, athletic cups, and neck guards. Cushioned bras are a good idea for women. This extra gear will reduce the amount of pain inflicted when you are hit by a paintball. It will also reduce the amount of bruising you receive.

Paintball is an extreme sport. Keep that in mind when choosing what you will wear on the playing field. Dress for safety first, then for comfort. Style may be important to you, but it is the last thing to consider when dressing for paintball.

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