Patent Filing Requirements

Filing a patent application can be quite exciting. It can be something of a worry, too. Many inventors go through a phase of what if questions about what will happen when they file their application. Will it go through? What if there are problems with the patent search? What if I am forgetting something?

The questions can be endless, but knowing that you have worked with a trusted patent attorney or patent agent, and that you know the process for a patent application to go through, can help you to be sure that even those what if questions are silenced as you can see from this article.

The first step is having a provisional application put into place. This application provides you with the initially protect you need. Once in place, your idea is virtually protected even if you take it out to talk to investors about it or start to sell it.

The process requires that you follow some very specific technical specifications to file a patent. The US Patent Office can provide you with more information that you need, but in general, the information required is as follows.

You will need to have a written, thorough description of your invention. You will also need to have any specific drawings that can be contributed to your patent. Drawings help to take basic words and put them into an image people can relate to as explained on

The third thing you will need is a US Patent Office filing fee. Currently, the filing fee for provisional patent applications is $125, but this is subject to change and there are various situations where it could be different.

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