Patent Renewal

A patent gives the inventor the exclusive right to the invention which may be a process or product that offers a technical solution to a problem or a process that describes a new way of doing something. That is a patent gives the inventor the exclusive right to enjoy the full commercial benefit of the invention.

Upon the granting of a complete patent the inventor is required to pay an annual patent renewal fee, failing to do so will result in the lapse of the patent.

Why use patent attorneys?

In accordance with the US Patents Act individuals may file provisional patent applications on their own behalf, however due to the complexity of the application process it is advisable that the patentee should make use of patent attorneys and patenting agencies, like InventHelp.

For example if a provisional patent application is filed and the nature of the invention becomes public; the scope, breath, and strength of patent protection will be determined by the content and wording of the specifications and the detail provided in the description and definition of the invention.

Although the Patent Office takes precautions to prevent any leaks it does not take responsibility for the intentional or unintentional leak of sensitive information outside of its offices.

Patent attorney are well versed in the international excepted format and requirements for patent applications and are therefore well suited to drafting provisional specifications this in its entirety promotes better protection locally and internationally.

A patent will stay in force for 20 years provided that the patentee pays the annual as described on

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