Prepare For A Professional Home Inspection

Allow at least 1.5 to 2 hours, or more–depending on the size and complexity of the house or building for a complete inspection including the issuance of the report and Summary explanation. Keep in mind that if client or homeowner or real estate agent ask lots of questions or require detailed explanation, the inspection will take more time.

The client (Buyer) must accompany the inspector during the entire process. Invaluable information is provided which may not necessarily be written into the report.

Furnaces, boilers, etc. should be operational at the time if inspection. An inspector’s job is to inspect their operation and not to make them operational. If you have an oil-fired system, make sure that there is fuel in the storage tank. If you have gas-fired appliances, all pilot lights should be on. Inspector will return all equipment and systems to the condition in which they were found.

The owner should move any items which block access to the furnace or boiler, hot water heater, attic, crawl space, access panels behind bathtubs, the electric service panel, the water meter, etc. Any items that provide easy access to these areas should be moved by the owner prior to the inspection in order that the areas are readily accessible for the inspector.

Access and keys must be available for all parts of the property as well as any areas (garage, closets, attic, etc.) which may be locked.

The inspection will include all areas and rooms of the house. It is helpful if sinks, basins and tubs are not filled with dishes, drying clothes, toys, etc. Closets with “access” panels to the attic should be cleared sufficiently, by the owner, to allow access by the inspector as you can read from Why get a house inspection article.

If the inspection cannot be completed for one or more of the above reasons, the client may wish to extend the agreement and have the inspector return at a later date. Since an inspector’s time is “by appointment only” and is controlled by pre-arranged schedule, he must be remunerated for his time, and the buyer may expect the seller to bear the added cost.

The inspection report is provided to the client after the inspection. An inspection report is the property of the inspector’s client (Buyer). Any report, verbal or written, is delivered to the client, unless the client elects otherwise.

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