Public Patent Search Facility

Before one can understand what a public patent search facility does, one would have to know what a patent is. A patent is a term referring to any legal document that prevents other individual’s from copying an invention or a creation that has already been made by one person. This legal document is often issued by the federal government.

The patent prohibits members of the public from making the same creation, using it or selling it to other parties without express permission from the holder of the patent document. Patents are like property. The document can be transferred to another party by either selling it or licensing it to another individual.

There are three main types of patents. These include the utility patents, design patents and plant patents. Utility patents are issued to people who invent something. Design patents are issued to people who have come up with a unique structural design of an item. Plant patents are granted to people who have discovered a new type of flora as written in details on

A public patent search facility is in the business of promoting the progression of science as well as the arts by ensuring the inventors of these creations have an exclusive right to all their inventions.

Therefore, a public patent search facility is put in place so that it may grant patents that will protect the inventions of an individual so that nobody else can steal the idea. Public patent search facilities have other duties too. These duties include the registering of trademarks.

They are also expected to advise the commerce department of the state in issues pertaining to patents as well as trademarks. A public patent search facility will also examine the numerous patent applications sent in to them. After this initial examination, it will then decide on which applicants are deserving of the patent.

Public patent search facilities contain a lot of information about patents and trademarks. This is because they store all the data available pertaining to patents both in the United States of America as well as international patents. A public patent search facility will have a room that is open for public use where all this information is stored and the public can search for it at their own convenience as described in post.

In addition to this, a public patent search facility will also supply copies of the various patents to the public. This applies to the information on trademarks that it also has.

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