Rat Exterminator

Don’t believe everything you read on the packs of Rat and Mouse Poison. When the package states in big red letters ”ONCE RATS EAT THE POISON they will go outside in search of water and die”…..nothing could be further from the truth!

Rats that have eaten the poison are not guaranteed to go outside and die. It is very likely that they will stay right where they are in your structure and will gnaw the black insulated foam off freon lines from your ac in search of the ice cold water that these lines sweat once the foam is chewed off. The point being that the odds are high that they will just stay inside and die which will result in you, your family and friends having to deal with the hideous odor of decaying rat flesh (for a few months in many cases).

Poison should only be considered to be used outside when one is wanting to reduce the amount of rats running around your home at night but only after all entry points have been sealed and rats and mice can no longer re-gain access inside the home.

All too often is the case that it’s after hours and you’re trying to get some sleep but the rats you previously heard running in the attic are at it again. Except now, they have chewed through your walls and are nesting under your bed or the beds of your loved ones. Even worse, a few of them may have eaten some of the poison you put out and are now rotting somewhere within your attic or walls….the smell being so rancid you just need to leave for the night. In situations like this one, you can call rodent removal service and requesting an emergency visit.

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