Tuning up a Furnace System

HVAC heating systems are mechanical, so they will need to be regularly maintained. If your furnace is not maintained properly, you may need HVAC repair. Fortunately, furnace service can take care of all your heating and cooling service needs. Here are the steps of basic furnace maintenance:

1. Inspect your furnace. Look for combustion residue or black soot on or around it. Turn up the thermostat so your furnace kicks on. Check to see that the flames are blue and steady — not orange or yellow, and not flickering. Yellow flames or a buildup of soot can indicate poor combustion. If you see either of these signs, contact a professional immediately.

2. Clean the blower and vacuum. Turn the thermostat back down and allow your furnace to cool. Turn off the circuit breaker for your furnace. When cool, remove the furnace side panels and vacuum out any accumulated dust. Clean the blades of the blower fan and any additional dust inside with a damp cloth. Also, check if your blower fan has cups for oil at the ends of the central shaft. If so, add a couple drops of oil to each cup.

3. Check the belts. If your blower has a fan belt, inspect its tension and overall condition. There should be 1/2 inch of “play” in terms of tension. It should be free of cracks. If you find cracks, replace it. Adjust the belt tension as needed by loosening the mounts on the electric motor. Move the motor in order to create about 1/2 inch of play.

4. Change the filter. Changing your furnace filter about once a month during winter is good for proper maintenance. Install a fresh filter as needed.

These simple steps can really go a long way in keeping your furnace running smoothly in winter. However, if larger issues arise, Furnace Repair services can be of service to you.

Duct cleaning is also a great option to ensure optimal heating system performance in the winter months. While some furnace maintenance is possible on your own, don’t hesitate to contact an furnace repair professional if the need arises.