Types of Dentures

If you are planning on getting dentures today to help out with your chewing of food, you might want to take a look at the different types of dentures there are to be able to choose which one you think best suits your needs. Having dentures not only helps you when it comes to enjoying your meals but also give you the confidence you need knowing that you can smile whenever you want to without having to worry about missing teeth at all. So for those who are interested in getting their first dentures today, here are the types of dentures that you ought to know.

The first one is the standard denture where its back ends behind the hard bone in the roof of your mouth. This is important since this denture needs a large surface area to get the most out of the dentures stability as well as retention. The second type of denture is the immediate dentures where they are fitted first while the permanent dentures are being created. This type of denture doesn’t cause too much pain at all since the bleeding holes are plugged with false teeth that serve as band aids to the sore wounds.

Partial dentures are being used nowadays to fill in the gap in between teeth. Unlike in other types of dentures where even healthy teeth are removed, in this type, they are left well enough alone since they can provide additional support to implants. The last type is overdenture which is best described as any removable device that can be installed over existing teeth to help preserve the bone underneath. These types are only some of the most common types of dentures nowadays with more advanced technology cropping up to help people get to enjoy their eating habits even at their age.

Take for example dental implants where they are screwed on to the gums for sturdiness and durability. Although this procedure may sound painful, truthfully they are not especially when you opt for mini implant retained dentures. You will only feel mild discomfort during and after the procedure which is quite normal. This procedure is cheaper compared to other types of implants out there that is why it is fast becoming the trend nowadays.

When it comes to dentures prices, they often range from cheap to expensive depending on what type of dentures you will be installing. Consulting with your dentist will help you land on the best denture to use after deliberating your needs as well as your budget even. However, when it comes to dentures, investing on the best is well worth your while especially when you get to bring back the full use of your mouth, teeth and gums. Start looking at your options and see for yourself which one best fits your needs.

These types of dentures are but a few that are worth mentioning nowadays. And since technology is continuously advancing, there are sure to be more solutions waiting for you when it comes to denture needs.