Welding Supplies to Consider – Workbench and Helmet

Welding supplies are a necessary part of carrying out your daily job. Below are a few tips when purchasing welding supplies.

The welding profession is considered one the most dangerous jobs in the construction business. Welders have to contend with arc burns, flash burns, dangerous fumes and sparks. If the proper gear is not worn they run the risk of damaging their eye sight from excessive exposure to UV rays. The risk associated with such exposure can drastically be reduced when you use proper welding supplies.

Amateurs most times are guilty of not wearing body gear and they do not know how to prepare their surface for work. Two of the most critical welding supplies for this industry are the welding helmet and workbench.

Your welding table should be placed on top of your supply list or you can check out these workbench welding project plans and make them your first project. Workbenches are critical for stabilizing the project and keeping the measurements correct and square. They are available in several dimensions and are made out of steel. The welding table serves many purposes one of which is to mount sheet metal so as to bend jigs.

Smaller accessories such as welding clamps are used to secure your project firmly to the table as well as clearing cables from your area. An added feature to most welding tables is the ability for them to be joined together when working on larger projects. If you are going to include additions such drawer trays to collect debris this will cost you a little extra.

A common item that most people identify welders with in their helmet that protects their eyes and face from the heat, UV and infrared rays which occur once the welding process has began. This is a necessity that must be included in your welding supplies list. The traditional welding helmet comes with two major components these are the shades and helmet.

In making your selection for the welding helmet you will need to select the correct shades and lens quality. They must fit comfortably. Some amateur welders cannot decide between an ordinary helmet and a multifunctional one. A helmet that comes with a permanent lens that is dark is second place when compared to one that automatically darkens to block the UV radiation, arc and infrared light. Welding helmets may also come with significant upgrades such as view screens, fog reducers and breathing filters. The helmet is one of the most important welding supplies.

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